Borzoi History

Kennel “Van Troybhiko”

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Kennel “Van Troybhiko” by E. Ebneter. ‘Der Windhundfreund’, December 1976 The Troybhiko kennel of Mrs. Matheeuwsen in Best, Holland was established in 1962. The kennel name ‘Troybhiko’ was taken from the first four dogs bought by this kennel: Troyka, Bianka, Hermi and Kosak. Troyka van Borjoschka [...]

The 57th Hound Show in Moscow

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The 57th Hound Show in Moscow [21st-22nd June 1986] Written by Ursula-Vera Trueb, de Norois Borzoi, Switzerland, translated by Jean Vandongen. Submitted by Sue E.A. Vasick via James Sillers Ursula-Vera Trueb in Moscow with Borzoi The show grounds in the green belt surrounding Moscow was an ideal [...]

The 100 year jubilee show in 1992

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The Jubilee show was held in the Ballroom of the Chesford Grange Hotel in Kenilwoth on 4th October in 1992. 283 Borzoi was judged by Barbara Long and Audrey Benbow, both very well known and respected breeder/judges. Pictures of the winners and the judges qritiques can bee seen as a complement to the [...]

Interview with Jo Heller

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Interview for the French Borzoi Club by Jean-Luc Tournier with; Jo Heller of VORENOFF Borzoi Kennels Front page of the French Borzoi Club interview by Mr. Tournier with Jo Heller! - Do you remember the first time you saw a Borzoi? Oh, yes, of course. When I came home from school in one day, a car [...]

Testimony Jo Heller

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In Memory Of Jo Heller, Vorenoff Borzoi Kennel. Inna Estrina & Jo Heller with Zarina's Helios Jo Heller died on April 27, 2007 at 6:15. It is not easy to quantify her actions in favor of our breed. She was an extraordinary person and I was fortunate to be a part of her family. I can say that she was [...]