Life with borzoi

Life with borzoi - Arvid Andersen

The Andersen family got their first borzoi, Ekhaga Irina, in 1968 and the Murugi kennel was registred in 1972. Owners of the kennel was Berit and Arvid Andersen. Later when their daughter Camilla grew up, she also took part in both breeding and showing. It was never a large kennel, at most they had 6 to 8 borzoi at one time, and never kept any other breed 

To grow up with borzoi

I lived with borzoi from my earliest days,



A short film from my first years with Borzois

A short film with episodes from my first years in Borzoi

Filmed at a Kennel Club Show in Halmstad 1964 and at Kennel Ekhaga 1964-65

Author: DanPersson