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BRITISH DOGS Their Points, Selection, And Show Preparation by W. D. Drury. Borzois in collaboration with Capt. Borman

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I am publishing this article in The Borzoi Encyclopedia to encourage better understanding of the function of a Borzoi and its development as a breed. It is for all to enjoy reading but no part of my contributions to The Borzoi Encyclopedia may be copied, downloaded, printed or used in any way [...]

The 57th Hound Show in Moscow

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The 57th Hound Show in Moscow [21st-22nd June 1986] Written by Ursula-Vera Trueb, de Norois Borzoi, Switzerland, translated by Jean Vandongen. Submitted by Sue E.A. Vasick via James Sillers Ursula-Vera Trueb in Moscow with Borzoi The show grounds in the green belt surrounding Moscow was an ideal [...]

The Color of the Borzoi

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The Color of the Borzoi, Artem Boldereff Chasseet Peche [Fishing and Hunting], 1914 Translated by Jean Vandongen Of all the points of the borzoi, the color is certainly the one that causes the most controversy among the owners of the breed. Not only abroad, but even in Russia, in the country of [...]

Asmodey Perchino - star of the past

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Deceased Borzoi Stars by Erich Zeiß, Berlin im January 1926 Asmodey Perchino with Dr. Else Wegener Under the same heading, I described the old borzoi-winners of the years 1890 to 1910, some years ago. And this time I am concerned with the three thoroughbred borzois, which were imported by Dr. Arthur [...]

English Dog Show, Ranelagh Club

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Country Life Illustrated, June 17th 1899 Of all spots in which to hold a dog show, the beautiful grounds of the Ranelagh Club are quite the most perfect. Opinions are unanimous on this point. The committee were fortunate in having these grounds lent to them for the occasion, through the influence of [...]