Vera Amelung, a Goddess?

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The goddess Vera 15 juni 2012 10:33 by Julia Svintsova Beautiful and gracious, Both Vera & Sighthounds By the end of the late 19th century. in November 1896 in the old manor Krasavka Atkarsk, located in the Lysogorskaya province of Saratov province, a baby was born. The hopes were perhaps that the [...]

Nina Alexandrovna Korff-Sumarokova

Submitted by Arvid Andersen on Thu, 09/06/2018 - 09:58
A quick look at one famous woman in Borzoi from a 100 years ago: Nina Alexandrovna Korff-Sumarokova. Baroness, breeder and hunter. B aroness Korff was born in 1877, graduated, and spoke four languages. Living on the family estate (Stary Yuriev, Tambov province), she was a passionate lover of borzois [...]

Who was Constantin Esmont?

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Notes regarding Borzoi in Russia in the period 1940 to 1950! In the 1940s, just as the second WW had ended, a Soviet soldier, Constantin Esmont made detailed records of the various types of borzoi he found in Cossack villages in the south of Russia. Esmont at work on a field trial His job was to [...]

Kennel “Van Troybhiko”

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Kennel “Van Troybhiko” by E. Ebneter. ‘Der Windhundfreund’, December 1976 The Troybhiko kennel of Mrs. Matheeuwsen in Best, Holland was established in 1962. The kennel name ‘Troybhiko’ was taken from the first four dogs bought by this kennel: Troyka, Bianka, Hermi and Kosak. Troyka van Borjoschka [...]

The Korbutovsky Hunt.

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Pictures from life at the Korbutovsky hunt! A.P. Korbutovsky was not an important breeder. Borzoi from this hunt is hardly found in the studbooks. He was a hunter, his borzoi came from Zikharev, Boldareff and others and that makes these pictures so interesting. There was not only the very rich with [...]

The Borzoi, or Russian Wolfhound

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The Borzoi H.W. Huntington, Marlborough Kennels, 1898; published in "Outing: Sport, Adventure, Travel, Fiction" Far-off Russia, where winters are so severe that but for a few months in the entire year are the fields free from snow, is the home of a breed of dogs known there as the Borzoi, or Psovie. [...]