The Borzoi Encyclopedia (TBE)

The Borzoi Encyclopedia group is an association of borzoi enthusiasts from all parts of the world. It is formally located to Sweden and is operated under Swedish law. It is a nonprofit organization and membership is free. Members can choose to become Founder members by donating 30€ or more. Founders are presented at the Wall of Honor.

To contribute material one must apply for membership, accept the rules and be approved by the board. Every contributor is responsible for their own material but all material will be reviewed and accepted by an editor before being published.

The ambition of TBE is to be multilingual, therefore approved text can be translated, adapted and published by a local editor fluent in the selected language. However, in the first stage, until local editors are ready, it will publish in English.

Cooperation with existing and new programs for pedigrees or other information should function so when clicking a link to an items name (dog, person, art or history) the pedigree or article pops up!

The subsequently approved work is placed on the TBE website. The site shall be made available free of cost to borzoi enthusiasts, breeders and judges. Parts of the Borzoi Encyclopedia can be included as course literature for prospective judges and breeders, bearing in mind and respecting copywritten material. As a courtesy to contributors (owners) of published material we ask that no part of this project be copied and used elsewhere without permission from the contributor (owner) or from TBE. Contributed material can be watermarked with contributors name!

TBE will work together with and seek support from any borzoi oriented organization anywhere in the world.