Argos (Sokoloff)

, Argos
& Argoss lekhoi

Argos (Sokoloff) sired litters in 3 countries. First in Russia were he was born. He made a short stop in England before going to the USA. When registered in USA the name was changed to Argoss. He sired 3 litters in the US before going to Canada and sired more litters.

Argoss went from Russia to the Duchess of Newcastle in the UK in 1891 for a few shows then was sold to H W Huntington in the US 1892 where he was shown to American Champion and fame.  In 1894 he was sold to John Kent in Canada who showed him to Canadian Champion and a Best in Show win.  In 1895 he was sold to H W Sharpless in the US again and shown at Westminster 1896 to win Best of Breed.  Along the way Am & Can Ch Argoss (Imp Russia) sired litters for Huntington, Kent and Sharpless plus others.  Although most of the lines from his many descendants died out by WW1, one of his Canadian daughters has descendants to the present day.

Argos face
Argoss Tricolor Black, white and Tan


Black and white
Country of Birth:
Country of standing:
America (USA)