Bransgore Borzois of Mrs. E. L. Gingold from The Book of Dogs by Stanley West.

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"Here is a Borzoi, to walk, proudly and delicately as yourself, across velvet lawns at the hem of your trailing satins, and whose fidelity, moreover, will but increase as your mirror grows less and less courteous."

Jerrold Vassall Adams wrote in the introduction to the book.

The name of Bransgore  is from a village in Hampshire, UK the county in which Mr and Mrs Gingold lived for a time. This was adopted by Mrs Gingold as her affix.

In the section on Borzoi of this publication the photographs are incorrectly named. These have been amended in the feature below:-






Ch. Ballerina of Bransgore


"This is one of the most attractive of all breeds, and whilst it may claim to be a relation of the Greyhound its type is certainly more beautiful. In the days before the Great War the Borzoi was world famous for its skill in the favourite Russian sport of wolf-hunting, rather a dangerous pastime, in which a pair of dogs were trained to chase and seize an individual wolf, the object being to grip the wolf by each ear and bring it down, keeping it there until the hunter arrived.

The Russian Imperial Court and many grand-dukes had numerous dogs in their kennels, and the famous "Bransgore" strain now bred in this country are from the original Russian stock.

This breed has been favoured by our own Royal family, both Their Majesties Queen Victoria and Queen Alexandra having kept them. At the present time it is one of the most popular exhibits at the larger dog shows."



Mona Lisa

Bransgore Mona Lisa




Brynzga of Bransgore



Brussiloff of Bransgore


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