DNA test your Borzoi

Submitted by arvid andersen on Thu, 01/17/2019 - 09:25

Preserving Borzoi Genetic Diversity Borzoi Health and Welfare Partners with UC Davis!

UC Davis has developed a simple and efficient test that measures genetic diversity, determines internal relatedness of a single dog and compares that internal relatedness to the breed population as a whole. This diversity testing began with Standard Poodles and Italian Greyhounds to help them manage and identify diversity, with the intent of reducing heritable disorders. It has since expanded to include 17 more breeds.

We are looking to add borzoi to this program, but first we will need 100-400 swabs from dogs as unrelated as possible. Borzoi Health and Welfare Foundation will subsidize baseline testing by prepaying for tests. Participants will be provided a coupon code. Using the information gathered from the study, breeders will be able to make breeding choices for their kennels that minimize the chances for heritable disorders and keep our beloved breed vigorous, healthy and genetically diverse for centuries to come.

If you want to take part in this program and become one of the pioners visit https://www.borzoihealth.org/Why.htm

or mailto: