Canada early imports & surviving lines.


Volga Debrovski, Canada

Borzoi statistics for Canada based on foundation dogs imported 1890 -1960. Total number of imports 239. Of these 106 have no recorded progeny. 78 others had progeny but the lines did not continue. Only 55 foundation dogs have modern descendants. The Great Depression years 1929-1939 were devastating in Canada especially in the mid western states where a crippling drought combined with the economic disaster. It was also the area where the main Borzoi breeders, farmers and hunters lived. From a boom period in the 1920s when over 300 dogs were shipped to the US (40 of them born in 1922) most of Canada’s lines had a last generation in 1933 when the breeders were unable to continue during the Depression. Those few lines which did survive the Depression, drought and World War II had a last direct line in Canada ceasing with the Dewsa litter born 1960. After that litter, Canadian lines only continued to modern dogs via some of the exports to the US.
USA statistics for Canadian imports.
Total number from 1895 – 1960 was 334 dogs. Of these 177 had no recorded progeny. 117 others had progeny but the lines became extinct. Only 40 of the Canadian imports have modern descendants. The gene pool for Canada has dwindled alarmingly after a great start with many different imports from various countries creating a solid foundation in the early years. The mystery is why some of these imports such as 3 Reyas dogs from the UK 1958-1960 were never bred. What happened in Canada in the 1960s for all original lines to cease? A new beginning with the latest UK imports including several from Keepers kennel changed the lines but Dewsa used Can Ch V’Indra’s Ramatherios (USA) which brought back Bedford Midas and some earlier Canadian dogs.
For anyone interested, the attached PDF file gives details of foundation imports and surviving lines behind some modern dogs./Margaret Davis

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