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Protection of property

As a new member you have access to all content of TBE including the studbooks. You can add and save information, the only restriction is that it will be approved by an editor before being published.

Original material (photo, article, art) remains the property of the CONTRIBUTOR/DONOR, but TBE (The Borzoi Encyclopedia) has the right to publish.

Other material submitted and not protected by third party copyright, is free to use by TBE giving credit to the contributor/donor.

My collection can consist of pictures and other information collected by the contributor/donor. Even material copied from other sources can be named “My collection” but it is good practice to give the original source - if known.

Copyright can be added to original material, pictures or articles taken or written by the contributor/donor.

Members of TBE acknowledge that NO payments or any other economic compensation will be given for material published in TBE, (The Borzoi Encyclopedia).

Material published in TBE may not be copied, downloaded or used in any other way without permission from the owner (contributor/donor) or from TBE.

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