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Thoren Innovation School project

School project Thoren Innovation School Uddevalla ( Webmaster for the Owner of the site is The Borzoi Encyclopedia group. Officially registered in Sweden The association has 200+ direct members and about 3000 members in the Borzoi Encyclopedia FB group. We are about to grant the 3000 FB members free membership in the association. Through …

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Points of discussion 2023-08-31

2023-08-31 The Borzoi Encyclopedia is intended to be long-lasting and be available for generations to come. En långsiktig plan för att åstadkomma det kräver en lösning på finansieringen. Att förlita sig på donationer löser detta endast på kort sikt. Ett sätt är betald medlemskap 10€/50€, ett annat, mera långsiktigt är att bjuda in borzoi/vinthundsklubbar att …

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IBC Conferences

The International Borzoi Council, IBC – The beginning! The story behind the international borzoi council is not very old and ancient. The ideas emerged sometime about 1976 – 1978 in conversations between Lena Tamboer and Arvid Andersen. They had met a few years earlier when Lena judged borzoi in Sweden and the discussion was very …

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