National Borzoi Club (Russia)

Submitted by arvid andersen on Fri, 06/01/2018 - 16:32

NBCThe Russian National Borzoi Club was founded in 1996 and unites Borzoi clubs, club sections and kennels in Russia. Every year, with the Club’s backing, specialty shows are held throughout numerous regions of Russia. The major among them is the National Show, with its winners awarded the titles of the National Club Champion, Junior Champion and Veteran Champion. National Borzoi Club (Russia)

Besides that, NBC accumulates information regarding an assortment of aspects of Borzoi life as a breed: everything from shows, sports events (coursing and racing) to field work, i.e. hunting trials. Some of this material can be found on the NBC’s Facebook page:, which is updated in Russian.

The Club is currently developing a brand new, more accessible website, which will include a vast archive of Borzoi shows and photographs and bilingual interface (Russian and English).

Irina Pankratieva (Sekretary of NBC)
Marina Ostrovskaya (President of NBC)

S. Uvarov (v. President of NBC)