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BARSOI, ahnentafeln aus Russland

148 pages. Mme Barbara Liesegang (Suisse), élevage “Von Smetanka”. Petite présentation en langue allemande. Ce livre répertorie un certain nombre de barzoïs (photos et pedigrees) nés et ayant vécu en Russie sur la période allant de 1927 à 1984.

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Cover image courtesy of Nadezhda Mostyaeva

Borzoi In Canada – The Early Years, 1894 – 1954

A new history book for the Borzoi Fancier. Compiled by the award-winning historian, Judy Carleton, as a joint project with Borzoi Canada. Over 200 pages with 400 images included in this 8½” X 11” publication. Send an e-mail to for mor…

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Svenska Borzoi-Ringen 1971

Borzoi-Ringens Jubileumsbok 1971 – 1981

Innehåll 1 Historia 2 Borzoi i Sverige fram till 1940 3 Borzoi i Sverige fram till 1971 4 Borzoi i Sverige fram till 1980 Kennel och ägar annonser Annonsindex

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Borzoi-Ringens Jubileumsbok 1971-1991

Innehållsförteckning Borzoi i Sverige 1980 – 1990 Borzoi i Norge Annonser Annonsindex Borzoi in Sweden 1980 – 1990, English summary Borzoi in Norway, English summary

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The complete guide to dog hunting

Complete guide to dog hunting

  Peter Gubin (1843-1906) was an avid hunter and breeder of hunting dogs and sighthound breeds and devoted his free time to hunting with hounds. Over the years, he painstakingly collected materials for his book, where he described in detail obser…

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Das Grosse Windhundeerbe

832 pages. Réédition de 1985 du Livre d’Elevage (Allemagne), Volume VI 1931 et 1932. Ouvrage remarquable consacré à l’ensemble des lévriers dont le Barzoï. Nombreux articles sur la race, les différents élevages de la première partie du 20e siècle. Une…

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Die PerchinoJagd

Written by the Kennel Master at “Perchino”, Dmitri Walzoff in 1912, (link to the original book)  translated to German by Elisabeth von Lichatscheff, and published by Richard Kallmeyer in 1921. Later reprinted in 1978 and edited by Ursula Bre…

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How to raise and train a borzoi

64 pages.

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Notes of a small hunter

Link to the original text Preface Егор Дриянский ( Egor Drijanskij) «Записки мелкотравчатого» ( first edition 1857) Mелкотравчатый= a suitable synonym may be “small”. That is, the autor speaks of hunters who did not have a complete hunt (a large numbe…

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