Borzoi History


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Портрет Великого Князя Николая Николаевича (вступление к книге «Першинская охота») Великий князь Николай Николаевич родился в Санкт-Петербурге 6(18) ноября 1856 года. Член царской семьи, он - сын Великого Князя Николая Николаевича (1831 г.р.), племянник Александра II , царя освободителя, отменившего [...]

The Black Borzoi

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Very little distinguishes a borzoi from the year 1900 from a borzoi in the year 2000. When we look at other breeds we will almost always see alarming differences. Why is the borzoi so consistent in type over such a long period of time? Old type borzoi (by artist N.Samokish) From the book "Tsar's [...]

Durassov kennels

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Peter Feodrovich Durassov (1835 – 1894), was a famous borzoi breeder in Russia. He was the son of Senator F. Durassov, in 1884 Equerry (Chief of stables) at the highest court, a wealthy nobleman - he owned 38 000 ha of land in six governments, factories and two houses in the Royal Village, Tsarskoje [...]

Мемуарчики борзятника (мелкотравчатаго)

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Отрывки из рассказа " Мемуарчики борзятника (мелкотравчатаго) ". Автор В. Ф. Пелешевскій, опубликовано в "ЖУРНАЛЕ ОХОТЫ", январь 1876 г. Хотя в рассказе не указано имя и фамилия генерала, то по моему это может быть известный заводчик борзых генерал Жихарев Александр Васильевич (1790-1881), который [...]

The Siberian Wolfhound

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An early name for the Borzoi in the UK was "Siberian Wolfhound" with the word "Borzoi" appearing later in the 19th Century. This much travelled lithograph showing the Siberian Wolfhound (Borzoi) in the Greyhound family was originally drawn and published in "Der Hund und seine Racen" by Leopold [...]

Canadian database

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Canadian database first version. Where dogs names were gained from published show results, the year refers to the first date the dog was shown. It is not a year of birth. For puppies, a guess was made for a birth date in the year before or sometimes in the year the dog was shown. In this database it [...]

Early American Borzoi History

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Historic research by Margaret Davis! Revision of the early American Borzoi history! T he American system of partial registration leaves so much of the early history out of the studbooks, Here are chronological lists for 4 of the earliest foundation breeders in America and Canada (Terra Cotta). This [...]


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Портрет Великого Князя в слегка карикатурном стиле. Августейший псовый охотник Его Императорское Высочество Великий Князь Николай Николаевич на охотничей лошади во время садок в Першино. Май 1914г. В 1887 году Великий Князь Николай Николаевич приобрел имение «Першино» , находившееся к западу от [...]

The 1888 Modern Borzoi Description by Nikolai Jermolov  

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The 1888 Modern Borzoi Description by Nikolai Jermolov Introduction and Translation by © Kristina Terra Nikolai Petrovich Jermolov owner of the J ermolov Hunt The first detailed modern Borzoi standard was written by Nikolai Petrovich Jermolov, an undisputed authority on the breed in the nineteenth [...]

The middleman

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Mr. Rousseau was a dealer, a middleman. He was a man who bought and sold borzoi for a profit, often to Americans. We can perhaps have in mind the following: " There were a lot of dogs in Perchino, new ones were born every year. Regularly compiled a list of "defective" dogs and these dogs were sold [...]

The Korbutovsky Hunt.

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Pictures from life at the Korbutovsky hunt! A.P. Korbutovsky was not an important breeder. Borzoi from this hunt is hardly found in the studbooks. He was a hunter, his borzoi came from Zikharev, Boldareff and others and that makes these pictures so interesting. There was not only the very rich with [...]

Vera Amelung, a Goddess?

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The goddess Vera 15 juni 2012 10:33 by Julia Svintsova Beautiful and gracious, Both Vera & Sighthounds By the end of the late 19th century. in November 1896 in the old manor Krasavka Atkarsk, located in the Lysogorskaya province of Saratov province, a baby was born. The hopes were perhaps that the [...]

"A History And Description Of The Modern Dogs Of Great Britain And Ireland. (Sporting Division)", by Rawdon Briggs Lee

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The Borzoi Or Russian Wolfhound Анна Лефлер Часть 1. В настоящее время не существует ни одной породы собак, которая бы так стремительно достигла такого уровня популярности, как порода, название которой носит эта глава. Еще десяток лет назад она была сравнительно мало известна в Англии; теперь же [...]

The Borzoi, or Russian Wolfhound

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The Borzoi H.W. Huntington, Marlborough Kennels, 1898; published in "Outing: Sport, Adventure, Travel, Fiction" Far-off Russia, where winters are so severe that but for a few months in the entire year are the fields free from snow, is the home of a breed of dogs known there as the Borzoi, or Psovie. [...]

English Dog Show, Ranelagh Club

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Country Life Illustrated, June 17th 1899 Of all spots in which to hold a dog show, the beautiful grounds of the Ranelagh Club are quite the most perfect. Opinions are unanimous on this point. The committee were fortunate in having these grounds lent to them for the occasion, through the influence of [...]

Artem Konstantinovich Boldareff

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Artem K. Boldareff, a great Russian land owner of the late 19th century, is known to be a great meritorious hunter and breeder of Borzoi in this period. He owned a group of renowned Borzoi and his breeding "Woronzova" (named after his estate) saw the birth of many quality borzoi. He is known for his [...]

BRITISH DOGS Their Points, Selection, And Show Preparation by W. D. Drury. Borzois in collaboration with Capt. Borman

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I am publishing this article in The Borzoi Encyclopedia to encourage better understanding of the function of a Borzoi and its development as a breed. It is for all to enjoy reading but no part of my contributions to The Borzoi Encyclopedia may be copied, downloaded, printed or used in any way [...]

History of the early British Borzoi (article by Major Borman, Ramsden.)

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From the New Book of the Dog edited by J. Sidney Turner, Chairman of the Committee of the Kennel Club. Published in 1907. The Borzoi section was written by Major S.P. Borman. Mrs Borman with three Ramsden Borzois Although known in this country as the Borzoi, or Russian Wolfhound, this dog belongs to [...]

Early History of the Borzoi in the Nordic Countries (1910-1983)

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Ramsden Reindeer and Ch Ramsden Romance This article was written in 1984 for the BQs Annual, its purpose was to give a general picture of the back ground on bloodlines appear­ing in the Scandinavian Borzois today (1983). It is written in a rather subjective manner, as I, no doubt, have developed [...]

The Romanoff kennels

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The American Romanoff kennels has been researched by and is written by Margaret Davis! Romanoff was the name of the Russian royal family. It was established in 1630 by Michael Romanoff. Read more at, A relative of the first Michael Romanoff, [...]