2018-02-25 Protocol from Board meeting


2018-02-25 Economic report reviewed at the Board meeting.




1. Who attended:

Sue Vasick, Dan Persson, Lorraine Harwey, Arvid Andersen

Lennart Jansson had remarkt on the questions in the agenda.

Kristina Terra did not take part!


2. Difficulties moving borzoipedia to another server! We have two offers,
a. IT Connect, who I know since 20 years back is willing to try. Their hotel is quite modest in price, about 80 SEK per month. They have not Drupal experience.
b, Bee byte categorize them self as Drupal experts. They offer to move the database and host it for 150 SEK per month.

We need to move and must do so vey soon.

Arvid should contact one or both to have this done!

3. Edward Peters who should help us with the program but then decided the program was to complicated. He has sent us an invoice for consultations. Efforts has been taken to overcome misunderstandings but without result. This is the answer I got from my latest effort:
“I would like to help. But honestly I am concerned that the unorthodox configuration of your website is going to cause a lot of problems. It will likely take much longer than it should to do anything at all. This will lead to frustrations both for you and me. So I think it is wise for me to pass.

I am really sorry to let you down. I think your only hope is to persuade Nils to help you – or else to redo the whole thing in a more standard way.”

Do we pay the invoice of 1500 SEK?

Decided not to pay but offer 500 SEK for inconviniences! 500 SEK is accepted and reseived by Mr Peters!

4. The IBC conference will be held in Australia next year. Do the Encyclopedia look for relations?
a, integration with IBC?
a,1 the Encyclopedia as an IBC branch?
a,2 IBC donates a yearly sum to an independent TBE
b, integration with any other known association?
c, continue as is?

Take this up on next meeting. Write a proposal to IBC’s next conference in Australia to become equal partners. IBC should contribute yearly donations!

5. Report from the Treasurer!

Reported that funds on this date is 9971 SEK

6. Funding? TBE need to raise funds! The metod used until now has been to ask for donations. Sponsor seems not an option at the moment!
a, use the donation tool frequently!
b, ask for membership fees?
c, other metods?

No suggestions. We would need to raise 1000$ / 1000€ per year the next few years. After that running cost can be as low as 200$/€ per year. The Encyclopedia group on FB has 800 members. If each donated 2$ we had the funds we need. TBE has 200 members. If each payed a yearly fee of 5$ then we would also ave the funds we need!

7. Lorraine has told she can not take the full Secretary post but is willing to help. Would like suggestion from you!

Nothing decided! Lorraine can do external contacts!

7. Matters you want to discuss!

No, long meeting. Come back next time!

8. End of meeting

Ended at bout 21.00!

All in all 80 notes was exchanged during the 2 hours!