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Borzoi History in Sweden 1900-2000 2019-02-11 Dan Persson

Photo from Swedish magazine 1934   Ch Milak To und …

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Ann Gistedt 2023-05-31 Dan Persson
Marit & Sture Henriksen 2023-05-31 Dan Persson
Danilovic Kivshenko 2017-10-01 Dan Persson

Kivshenko Alexey Danilovich was borne in 1851 at Count …

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Brigitte & Heike Schwarz 2023-05-30 Dan Persson
Florian & Maren Wierig 2023-05-30 Dan Persson
IBC conference in Macon in France 1989 2017-04-11 Arvid Andersen

At the 3rd IBC conference in USA in 1986 it was decided …

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Oksana Englund 2023-05-29 Dan Persson
X Jensen 2017-10-05
Interview with Jo Heller 2018-10-23 Arvid Andersen

Interview for the French Borzoi Club by Jean-Luc Tourni …

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The Zomahli gallery 2022-11-09 Arvid Andersen

The Zomahli kennels was established by Lillie Pearson. …

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Ann-Carin Bøyesen 2017-10-09 Conny Cromeryd
Arne Strand 2019-01-31 Arvid Andersen

Murugi’Tatiana Arne Strand and his family lived in Kris …

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Jo Heller 2017-04-29 Dan Persson

Testimony of Jo Heller

Margrete Klug 2017-09-27 Arvid Andersen
Hjordis Wied-Hansen 2018-01-16 Sue Vasick
Mona & Henry Hansen 2018-01-22 Dan Persson

Henry Hansen with Mirni

Espen Uvaag 2017-12-03 Sue Vasick
Peer Lervad 2023-05-25 Dan Persson
Irena Uraniak 2023-05-25 Dan Persson