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Andrus Kozlov has informed us about animals captured and killed at the Gatchina hunt in 1896. Reports like the one to the left was produced every year and give us a picture of the extent and also at least partly the purpose of the Hunts. It is clear that the landlords hunted for their own pleasure but at the same time helped the farmers keeping populations of pests at an acceptable level.

The figures are quite interesting. They show us that hares were by far the most frequent catch. We may perhaps not think that the borzoi was not used for hunting bears, elks or lynx but 12 wolves were watched, 81 foxes and a great number of hares so the borzoi had its work cut out. Wonder how many “hunting parties” there were held each year to catch more than 1200 hares and rabbits.

The 12 wolves captured most certainly required several weeks of planning. The table does not say specifically that the wolves were captured by the borzois but it is clear evidence that the stories we read of borzoi hunting wolves in fact were true?

Records at Gatchina hunt for 1896

Bears –                                    12

Wolves-                                   12

Elk –                                         7

Lynx-                                       2

Fox-                                         81

Rusak (European hare           183

Belyak (Mountain hare)         1032

Rabbit-                                    35


Total animals –                  1421