The complete guide to dog hunting

Complete guide to dog hunting




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Peter Gubin (1843-1906) was an avid hunter and breeder of hunting dogs and sighthound breeds and devoted his free time to hunting with hounds. Over the years, he painstakingly collected materials for his book, where he described in detail observations, his own personal experience and knowledge from the oldest and most authoritative hunters. “Full Guide to Dog Hunting” consists of three parts. The first part is devoted to the general concept of hunting with hounds and everything related to it, the author introduces the reader to the intricacies of hunting terminology. The second part reveals general concepts about dog breeding, breeds of hunting dogs, and advice on their upbringing, training, and feeding. In the final part, the basic rules of dog hunting are analyzed in detail. Reprint of the 1890 edition with the original spelling.

Link to the original book in Russian.