Mythe Novikoff

Notes from Borzoi Past group, FB, 2018: <<Born May 24, 1924, Mythe Novikoff was an impressive white and red sable dog bred by Mrs. Robinson, sired by Novikoff of Haywra out of Mythe Volga, combining some very nice old bloodlines. He sired a number of litters, including for Mr. Ernest Guy, who bred his lovely Topsetta to him to produce such greats as Felstead, Call Boy and Book Law. He also produced a litter for Mythe when bred to Mythe Perchina, and one bitch from that bred on, along with a brother named Novinsky of Alberdaven, who sired four litters Sadly, Novikoff had fractured a front leg when younger, eliminating his show career and eventually creating him a lot of misery, causing him to be euthanized well before his time, much to the sorrow of his owner.>>

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Date of Birth:

May 24, 1924

Age when died:

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Body Markings:

Patches on white

Coat Colour:

White and red sable



Country of Birth:

UK Great Britain

Country of Standing:

UK Great Britain

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