Zolotoi Volnoi

Zolotoi Volni of Twin Elms

From Borzoi Past, Sue E.A. Vasick: American Ch. Zolotoi Volni of Twin Elms was, as you can read on the caption, a very successful dog bred by Twin Elms kennel and owned by Ron and Lori Riley. He was a litter brother to Kasoss of Twin Elms from the first mating of Barin Borisky to Ziada of Twin Elms, whelped June 21, 1963. This mating was repeated two more times, producing the BIS winner Gregori of Twin Elms. Zolo was a popular stud, siring at least five litters. He was the sire of Bountiful’s Eric the Red, who was behind many Arnolf dogs. Clipping from the July, 1968 issue of Popular Dogs magazine.

Zolotoi Volnoi

Registration number:

AKC HA443390 [12-1968]

Registration documents:



Date of Birth:

June 21, 1963

Age when died:

Cause of death:


Sylvia Sohr


Show Titles:

Am Ch 

Field Titles:


Body Markings:

Patches on white

Coat Colour:



Country of Birth:

America (USA)

Country of Standing:

America (USA)

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