duke alexander of twin elms

Duke Alexander of Twin Elms

Bred and owned by Gordon and Sylvia Sohr of Twin Elms kennel, American Ch. Duke Alexander of Twin Elms was yet another in a long line of quality influential Borzoi from this kennel. He was a white dog with sparse gold markings born December 3, 1962; his sire was Tamazar of Twin Elms and his dam Karenina of Twin Elms, so he was all American except for one line to Holland through his paternal grandsire, Tobolzkoi Krasnoje Selo. Duke Alexander cemented himself in history when bred to Zarka of Twin Elms in 1968. From that litter came Aatis Lillstrom’s big grey brindle male, Clouds Clouds Wish O’Twin Elms, who did so much for establishing the Windhound legacy. Duke Alexander sired a litter in 1967 as well, and two bitches and one male from that went on to do their own part in influencing breeding programs through the generations.

Registration number:

AKC HA467044 [7-1967]

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Date of Birth:

December 3, 1962

Age when died:

Cause of death:


Show Titles:

Am Ch 

Field Titles:


Body Markings:


Coat Colour:

White and gold



Country of Birth:

America (USA)

Country of Standing:

America (USA)

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