Keiff Steinhoff

Keiff Steinhoff

In the UK studbook registered as Kieff Steinoff , in France (misspelled?) as Keiff Steinoff

Keiff Steinhoff was born 16.06.1908, breeder Mr J. Burgess (United Kingdom). He was imported to France by Mr Charles Cuvelier ("du Nord" kennel) and used by him at least twice (Keiff Steinoff is the father of known Schirock du Nord born 15.12.1910, sold to Mr Gustave Beernaerts). In 1911 Keiff was sold to Mr Alexandre Pellisson ("du Bourg" Kennel), also Lihodey Perchino owner.  In total, Keiff Steinhoff was the father of at least four litters.
His prize list : Belgian Champion and French Champion. 1st Prize and Honorary Prize in 1910,1911,1912 Amiens, Orléans, Liège, Brussels, Mons, Paris, Royan, Bordeaux.

[Notes from Borzoi Past Facebook group post May 19, 2017 by Danielle Laurent-Faure]


Registration number:

LOF 17034

Registration documents:



Date of Birth:

June 16, 1908

Age when died:

Cause of death:

-- Not set --


J Burgess


Show Titles:

Be Ch  Fr Ch 

Field Titles:


Body Markings:

A marking not given

Coat Colour:

White and red fawn
A color not set


Attribute not given

Country of Birth:

UK Great Britain

Country of Standing:


Official Source: