Kaskade of Sunbarr Ranch


from Borzoi Past Group, Sue E.A. Vasick: <<Kaskade of Sunbarr Ranch was bred and owned by Jim Barr of Sunbarr Borzoi in Wisconsin. She was a mahogany sable and white bitch born February 5, 1964, sired by Dutch import Wotan Krasnoje Selo out of Malora’s Bianca of Sunbarr. Although she appeared to be a complete outcross, she was actually loosely linebred on Polongai Porchai Kransnoje Selo. Kaskade’s one and only litter was when she was bred in 1966 to her uncle, Malora’s Bede of Sunbarr, to produce the outstanding sire, Sirhan Podar of Sunbarr, who was a trophy for Winners Dog at a MBC Specialty show. Also in that litter was Thevin Maestro of Sunbarr and Windy Hill’s Domini of Sunbarr, both who also bred on.>>


Registration number:

AKC HA779603 [12-1966]

Registration documents:



Date of Birth:

February 5, 1964

Age when died:

Cause of death:


James Barr



Show Titles:


Field Titles:


Body Markings:

Patches on white

Coat Colour:

Mahogany sable and white


Black mask 

Country of Birth:

America (USA)

Country of Standing:

America (USA)

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