Juna of Romanoff


from Borzoi Past group, Sue E.A. Vasick: <Juna of Romanoff was an important link to the continuation of a vast number of American bloodlines. She was a white bitch with some red-fawn markings born June 26, 1936, bred by Louis Murr of Romanoff kennel and owned by C.G. Stewart. Her sire was the great Vigow of Romanoff and her dam Duckesse of Romanoff. [note: some pedigrees list her dam as Duchess of Romanoff, but the studbook has her listed as Duckesse with no corrections listed later, so Duckesse it is!] Although Juna was not a show champion, she did produce one litter for Romanoff kennel in 1939 when linebred to Ajax of Romanoff. This produced Tyddo of Romanoff, who went on to sire 5 Romanoff litters from which the likes of Baba Yaga, Bolshoi, Nayan and Zanoza of Romanoff emerged along with Lumurr Adams.>

Registration number:

AKC A188505 [11-1937]

Registration documents:



Date of Birth:

June 27, 1936

Age when died:

Cause of death:


Louis Murr


Show Titles:


Field Titles:


Body Markings:


Coat Colour:

White and red fawn



Country of Birth:

America (USA)

Country of Standing:

America (USA)

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