Borzoi in art

Wolfhunt by Nicolai Ivanovitch Lieberich cast by Woerffel Bronze foundry

This piece of art was offered for sale by the magazine "Borzoi Quarterly" Fall 1976 for 4950 US . In 2015 it was sold for 50000 US by Bonhams. 




To add here is that the paintings name is misleading. Ch Velsk was born after the painting was done, so obviously it cant be him. Insteadit has been established that the Borzoi in the painting is of Ivan II (also owned by the Duchess of Newcastle).

More on the painting

Also Andrus Kozlov has wrote on this subject; "This dog is not in any way the Champion Velsk. The painting is dated 1890, but Velsk was born in 1895. In addition, Velsk did not have such a spot on the right side.
In 1890 Duchess of Newcastle had only two adult borzois (Ivan II, import from France and the bitch Spain). I think on the picture it's Ivan II.

Russian Paintings


Autumn ride
Autumn ride

Link; More of his paintings.


There are many of us that have admired the Russian paintings of days gone by. The artist that illustrates the life of Russian Aristocracy's life in such a romantic and beautiful way is named VladimirPervuninskiy. He was born in 1957 in the village Chelyabinsk, and Graduated from the Moscow State Institute of Painting of V.I.Surikov in 1989.