Borzoi in art

Louis IcartLouis ICART (1888 - 1950)

A French engraver, illustrator, draughtsman and painter, Louis Icart was one of the major artists of the period after the First World War called "The Roaring Twenties" ...  Its exclusive theme, with rare exceptions, was the woman, elegant, often modern (short hair, makeup, high heels), sometimes languid, sometimes pixie or lascivious.

The BORZOI often accompanied the representations of elegant Parisians. The two paintings that most of us know are "Joy of life" or "zest," but there were many more as evidenced below.





Born in Toulouse in 1888, Louis Icart showed a great talent when very young.. He was soon introduced in the circles of the illustration for the fashion press, and began his career in a studio that produced erotic postcards. He then designed original works for fashion magazines and newspapers. His portraits of "parisiennes" quickly captivated the public and he became one of the most popular artists of his time.

During the First World War he was an airplane pilot and participated in several missions; however, he never stopped drawing even during this time.

Joy of life

In 1920 he exhibited in Paris, and then set out to exhibit his paintings at a New York gallery in 1922. As a result of this, Louis Icart enjoyed a certain success in America until the early 1930s.

After his death in Paris in 1950, his work fell into oblivion. However, there was a resurgence of interest in the 1970s, when some of his first paintings were found in the attic of an art school in Paris! This interest is still going on to this day.

Louis Icart was one of the artistic authorities of his time and his work is associated with the Art Deco style. A prolific artist, his work was plentiful and done as etchings, prints, charcoals, pencils, watercolours, pastels, lithographs, oils on canvas and more.. He was an exceptional painter and considered a master in the art of engraving. His portrayal of women, often accompanied by dogs, cats, horses or birds, always gives a graceful, seductive or daring image.

Dessins L. IcartPeintures L. Icart