Borzoi History

Jo Heller at the IBC conference in Macon

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Jo Heller The fourth conference of the International Borzoi Council was held this time in Macon, France in the famous and beautiful wine region on October 12 and 13, 1989. It was the first time for me and I’m glad I went. The previous conferences were held in Sweden 1981, England 1983 and in USA in 1986. The next, the fifth, is scheduled for Leningrad. The Macon conference was well attended and many well-known borzoi personalities from as far away as Canada, USA, Australia and from various European countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Germany, USSR, Holland, Belgium, France, Switzerland and [...]

Borzois in Israel

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With grateful thanks to Ksenia Galantzan for providing the translation from Hebrew and the assistance in order to be able to include this historic 1997 article in The Borzoi Encyclopedia. By Dr. Zafra Sirik and Galina Liebman Galina and Michael Libman immigrated to Israel in 1991 with three dogs – Arbat, Seya and Legenda and in a short time founded their Lally kennel on these three dogs. Within a period of five years the Lally kennel produced 60 offspring and in the 1996 international show won third place in the breeders’ groups. Currently, the Borzoi is among the most popular sighthounds in [...]

In memory of Eugenia Feodorovna Dezor

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Eugenia Feodorovna Dezor Elena Nikolaevna Makkonen who personally knew Eugenia Feodorovna Dezor wrote this in memory of her friend. She has agreed to have it published in the Borzoi Encyclopedia. Eugenia was born on August 29 in 1903. She was the eldest daughter in a family who descended from scientists and explorers. Her father, a chemist-engineer in textile production, was invited to work in Russia. With him came his family of wife and two daughters. They were baptized orthodox and adopted Russian citizenship. Eugenia Feodorovna was married at the age of only 17 to Vladimir Fjusno. Fjusno [...]

D.M. Dudley's Ukrainia Borzoi

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By Sue E.A. Vasick [originally published in the Spring, 1992 issue of Borzoi International magazine] All Rights Reserved. In England, Dorothy Dudley’s interest in Borzoi began in the 1930’s and continued to her demise at a ripe old age. Her first Borzoi were bitches, these being Iza, Zwogezdi and Zwogezdi’s dam, Icy Lass. Zwogezdi was whelped November 13, 1936 and was sired by Cossack Carzoff, bred by the Tyrells who had moved to Canada. She was 11-1/2 months old when she went to live with Miss Dudley, and had had distemper as a puppy, resulting in a high strung nature. Unfortunately, Zwogezdi [...]

The 100 year jubilee show in 1992

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The Jubilee show was held in the Ballroom of the Chesford Grange Hotel in Kenilwoth on 4th October in 1992. 283 Borzoi was judged by Barbara Long and Audrey Benbow, both very well known and respected breeder/judges. Pictures of the winners and the judges qritiques can bee seen as a complement to the film. The Borzoi Club was founded in 1892 and was the first and now the eldest borzoi club in existence. The jubilee was a huge success and the entire event was filmed and has resulted in no less than 7 videofilms where the last, no 7 is now shown here in [...]

Moscow Show 1996

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Film from Dogshow in Moscow 1996. Borzois judged by Richard Duckworth, (Sholwood) England. Submitted with kind assistance from Pam Wild. Photo: Int&Mult CH Zagar iz Razdolia, Int & Mult CH Chernij Monarch iz Razdolia , CH RUS Blagaja Vest iz Razdolia and Int &Mult CH Chernaja Polnoch iz Razdolia. The Best Kennel at this exhibition

Interview with Jo Heller

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Interview for the French Borzoi Club by Jean-Luc Tournier with; Jo Heller of VORENOFF Borzoi Kennels -Do you remember the first time you saw a Borzoi? Oh, yes, of course. When I came home from school in one day, a car with a removable hood, overtook me. In the back seat was a lady with a white-grey borzoi. Since then,I have remained rooted in the breed. I have never forgotten this presentation of beauty and elegance all my life. -When did you start Borzoi breeding? That began happening while I was in England. I had my first borzoi in the late 1940s, then others followed. I started to visit [...]

Testimony Jo Heller

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In Memory Of Jo Heller, Vorenoff Borzoi Kennel. Jo Heller died on April 27, 2007 at 6:15. It is not easy to quantify her actions in favor of our breed. She was an extraordinary person and I was fortunate to be a part of her family. I can say that she was a woman of character, like any talented person. But I also knew her as a woman with a pleasant physique, a smiling face, and a big heart for everything that touched the Borzoi. Her disappearance is a great loss to the world of Borzoi. She had principles and never left them. She had many beautiful dogs and each of them was like a child to her [...]

The Nederlandse Barsoi Clubs 85th Anniversary at Castle Vorden

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Karen van Antwerp has kindly supplied us with text and photos from The 85 Year Jubilee of the Nederlandse Barsoi Club. On January 19, 2020, the Nederlandse Barsoi Club began the celebration of their 85th Anniversary at Castle Vorden during the annual New Year reception and dog walk. Castle Vorden and its owners welcomed club members into the castle and their Borzoi to celebrate this special event. Several members dressed up in historic costumes to honor the aristocratic themed festivities. We had the opportunity to have coffee and a snack with our three Borzoi in the magnificent Red reception [...]