Constitutional meeting 2017-04-03

At the meeting where present via internet,

Arvid Andersen

Dan Persson

Sue Vasick

Lotta Broströmmer

Reynard Franklin

Lennart Jansson

The following was discussed and decided:

1. Applications for membership. Must be asked to log in and fill in their profile information. Invite members of IBC and borzoi clubs to become members. Must be approved by administrators/board.

Types of applications                 

  1. . Not filled in correctly, denied new chance mail
  2. . Correct filled in, approved. Welcome mail.
  3.   Checked Founder member, send payment information

2. The board serves as election committee. Change at next general assembly?

3. Ordinary election meeting each year I January – February

4. General assembly coordinated with IBC every third year. Least one board-member take part.

5. Relation to borzoi clubs/associations

     1. Are clubs members in line with people?

     2. Any special benefits for clubs? Link their web sites and to special articles? Its valuable if we can find a good              reason for clubs to join.

6. Storing collections of material. Store collections under a name in one box with table of content, if possible?

7. Report on Studbooks. Margaret is supplying studbooks, hope for France and rest of Europe soon. How to deal        with the USA?