Leningrad Canine Society, Borzoi section.


The Borzoi section of the Leningrad Dog Society was formed in 1926. The founders were A. Mezencev, K. Matvejev and E. Dezor.


A number of borzoi of the Gatchina imperial hunt was rediscovered at that time. From the same litter were: Tchaus (Maler), Tchvan (Mezencev), Tchara (Matvejev) and Tchaika (Dezor) by Vampir (Gatchina) out of Tchaika (Gatchina), along with a litter from Ukhod [[(Leningrad Zoo) out of Tchaika (Dezor).

Ukhod and Tchaika were in the Leningrad Zoo, on exhibition as a reminder of the “regime of the Tzar”. Both were confirmed by G. Kartsov to have been bred at Gatchina. Tchaika was purchased by E. Dezor.

The mating of Ch Sipai to Divna (Dezor) produced Armavir (Divenski), a much used stud dog in the Leningrad area and later in Saratov, as well.

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The influence Ch Sipai  and Ch Blistai through their offspring has had on the breed which can hardly be overrated, and can be found in pedigrees of even today’s borzois.

Ch Sipai and Ch Migai and the son of Sipai, Armavir Divenski, produced many good borzois. In the years between the wars it was considered that the best borzoi in all the union were in Leningrad.

The descendants from these borzois also had a great impact on breeding in the Saratov region and in Moscow. At one time, a borzoi could hardly be found that did not have dogs from the Leningrad club several times in their pedigree.







































Borzoi photos from Barbara Liesegangs book “Ahnentafeln aus Russland 1927-1984”


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