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Canadian database first version.

Where dogs names were gained from published show results, the year refers to the first date the dog was shown.  It is not a year of birth.  For puppies, a guess was made for a birth date in the year before or sometimes in the year the dog was shown.  In this database it was helpful to add the town or state for unknown dogs to give them a location in the vast country of Canada.  Generally the areas are east coast around Toronto, Ottawa etc then the major area in the middle of the country with the states of Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.  Several breeders in the early years lived here and used their dogs as wolf hunters but showed them as well.  Many of these dogs survive behind modern lines.  The isolated west coast on the other side of the Rocky Mountains has Vancouver and British Columbia with few dogs.  In the early days there were 3 separate kennel clubs which registered dogs in Canada.  For about 5 years the west coast combined with California to create the Pacific Coast group. I do not have any registrations for dogs here but some dogs were imported and litters were bred in Vancouver.  In the Mid West states of Alberta etc, the Dominion Kennel Club was active for several years registering dogs.  These are shown in the database with DKC numbers.  These registrations were published in a kennel magazine in opposition to the Canadian Kennel Club but I don’t have many issues of this magazine so dogs for DKC are mostly missing.  Some dogs were registered with more than one club.  From 1915, all Canadian registrations were done by the Department of Livestock Records until 1984.  Annual studbooks were printed and these are in the 3 libraries in America as well as the CKC.  It is these stud books which need someone to go in and copy the relevant pages.  Most Canadian dogs in this period are missing from the database with some exceptions as a lot of breeding stock went to America.  All the AKC numbers on Canadian bred dogs are for those sent to America and re-registered with AKC in their studbooks.  Some AKC numbers are for American dogs that were sold to Canada and have (Imp USA) at the end of their names.  As many American dogs were shown in Canada to get an extra title but didn’t live there, sometimes it is difficult to tell whether they were just visiting or imported.  These dogs just have (USA) on their names until further information is obtained.


The historical database is interesting for the early years but it also shows the many unknown dogs at the end.  Hopefully one day a lot of this missing information will be discovered.


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