IBC conference in Macon in France 1989


At the 3rd IBC conference in USA in 1986 it was decided that the 1989 conference should be held in France. The French Borzoi Club accepted and invited the worlds Borzoi enthusiasts to Macon.

A large number of Borzoi people attended this 4th conference (87 participants from 13 different countries : Germany, England, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Holland, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, USSR, USA). Galina Zotova from Russia gave a much appreciated lecture on Borzoi in Russia. Russia had been a closed country since the revolution and very little was known about the breed in its native country.

Serge Kapnist, secretary of the French Borzoi Club and whose family is Russian, translated from Russian to French, and the well known Nadine Johnson translated from French to English. Sounds complicated but all went very well.

Above, picture at left Mrs Zotova, surrounded by Mrs Johnson and Mr Kapnist, and picture at right Dr James Sillers (USA) during his presentation.

The French Barzoï Club then organized a large closing buffet in a wine castle, followed by a performance of a traditional group of Russian artists !


In the picture is Serge Kapnist at the left, then Natalia Nedochivina, Galina Zotova, Arvid Andersen, Henri Huyghues Despointes, Danielle Laurent-Faure and her husband, Dominique-Patrick Faure, President of the French Borzoi Club.

The Mâcon Conference ended with the French Club Championship (ENE) exhibition to which no less than 282 Borzoi had registered to be judged by international jury composed of : Mrs. Lorraine Grohans (USA), Mr. Vic Harrisson (England), Mr. Henri Huyghues Despointes (France), Mrs. Anne Marie Thomassen (Sweden), Mrs. Libuse Ubrova (former Czechoslovakia), Mrs. Galina Zotova (Russia).

Winner (BIS) was Ch. Sibérie des Princes de Kazan (Ch. Ozeroff du Cot-Regnier x Ch. Odiska des Princes de Kazan), breeder and owner Mrs Monique Seigner.



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