The Nederland’s Barsoi Club 85th Anniversary at Castle Vorden


Karen van Antwerp has kindly supplied us with text and photos from The 85 Year Jubilee of the Nederlandse Barsoi Club.

On January 19, 2020, the Nederlandse Barsoi Club began the celebration of their 85th Anniversary at Castle Vorden during the annual New Year reception and dog walk.  




Castle Vorden and its owners welcomed club members into the castle and their Borzoi to celebrate this special event. Several members dressed up in historic costumes to honor the aristocratic themed festivities. We had the opportunity to have coffee and a snack with our three Borzoi in the magnificent Red reception room, admiring the guests, their dogs and the beautiful artwork and antiques.


 Vorden Castle dates back to 1315. The moment we walked up the stairs into the castle we could feel the 800 years of history with the beautiful antique furniture, paintings, sculptures, armor and other antiquities dating from the 15th to the 19th centuries. In the dining room were several paintings that are reminiscent of the hunting castle Pershino of Grand Duke Nicolai Nicolaivitch of years past.




The schedule for the celebration began around 11:00 – 11: 30 with a warm welcome and speech by Inge Fakkert, the club´s Chairman.  Then we took a few memorable photos of the Borzoi on the front steps of the Castle, with several members in historic costumes.

The hour-long dog walk through the trails on the castle grounds was breathtaking as you watched 50 Borzoi and their owners progressing through trails. It was very picturesque.


After the dog walk, there was a lovely lunch which began with a toast for the 85th anniversary year of the club.

 group2During the delicious meal, we continued the celebration over conversations on our Borzoi.  Old friends shared stories and several new friendships were made. The Borzoi present enjoyed the day´s activities as much as the owners and everyone felt welcome and relaxed.

It was a `moment in time`in my own life to celebrate this lovely Borzoi breed with the club members in such a grand, elegant location of Castle Vorden. I am thankful to the Club and the committee for organizing such a memorable day.  I have had Borzoi over 25 years and our dogs have lived in 3 different countries. We are glad to be a part of this lovely club and to help celebrate its anniversary celebration.

As the late afternoon sun began to shine, we left lovely Kasteel Vorden. My husband and our Borzoi were so happy to have such a special day together meeting up with our Borzoi friends old and new.


Respectfully submitted by: Karen Marie Van Antwerp

Member of the Nederlandse Barsoi Club, IBC, The Borzoi Council, The Borzoi Club (UK) and TBE, The Borzoi Encyclopedia














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