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Peter Feodrovich Durassov (1835 – 1894), was a famous borzoi breeder in Russia. He was the son of Senator F. Durassov, in 1884 Equerry (Chief of stables) at the highest court, a wealthy nobleman – he owned 38 000 ha of land in six governments, factories and two houses in the Royal Village, Tsarskoje Selo. 

Russian name: Ца́рское Село́,  “Tsar’s Village” was the town containing the former Russian residence of the imperial family and visiting nobility, located 24 kilometers,15 miles south from the center of Saint Petersburg.[1] It is now part of the town of Pushkin.




In 1873, Peter Fedorovich was re-married to young Alexandra Fyodorovna Yermolov (no connection to the borzoi hunter Yermolov) and the spouses settled at the Durassov estate, which was in the Karsunski county in the village of Old Zinovjevka  in the Simbirsk province. There were about seven thousand acres of land and large stables. Borzoi became Alexandra Durassova’s domain but both spouses were honorary members of the society to promote the hunting dogs. At the end of 1880 and early 1890’s, the Durassov borzoi participated repeatedly in exhibitions and field trials where they showed good results. In 1889 at the XV exhibition in Moscow, Durassov exhibited 18 Borzoi, of which 2 got a big silver Medal, 9 small silver Medals, 4 Bronze Medals and 3 HC prizes. A few borzois from this group were bought by Grand Duke Nicholas Nikolaievich.

In 1891 the Grand Duke paid 250 rubles for the black Gornostai and the white with fawn markings, Uteschai. Both had excellent running qualities in the field. He also bought Serdetchnij.


A few of the Durassov borzoi, bought by the Perchino hunt in the previous year, were in 1892 sent by the Grand Duke to be exhibited at the Crufts show in England, where they were sold: Oudar to the Duchess of Newcastle for 200 pounds, Zlobny to A.Morrisson and Zmeika to Mr.Krehl.


In 1895, the Russian exhibition “Horse-breeding and Ethnography of Russia ” was held in Paris. In the journal ” The Russian Hunter ” (1895-14) it was written that the Durassov hunt (of the late Peter Fedorovich ) sent a full borzoi team.

After the exhibition, some dogs from the Durassov Hunt, (Dogonjai, Nalet, Sudarka, Strelok, Krasavtchik) were sold.

During the 1890s many Durassov borzois were used as stud dogs at Perchino.

Krasavtchik (pictured belov) was in 1894 owned by Mr.Jameson in France. It seems that Krasavtchik sired a litter of only one, Wicky, who in her turn had a litter of one, Rogdai. Unfortunately it all seems to end there!






(Picture of Krasavtchik, courtesy of Andrus Kozlov)






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