Kennel “Van Troybhiko”


Kennel “Van Troybhiko”

by E. Ebneter.  ‘Der Windhundfreund’, December 1976

The Troybhiko kennel of Mrs. Matheeuwsen in Best, Holland was established in 1962.  The kennel name ‘Troybhiko’ was taken from the first four dogs bought by this kennel: Troyka, Bianka, Hermi and Kosak. Troyka van Borjoschka became the foundation of the successful Troybhiko borzoi.  Troyka himself won 32 CACIB.  He was an International, Dutch Champion, Belg. Ch, 1969 German Winner, 1967 Swiss Winner and 66-68 Winner Amsterdam.


Troyka is the sire of many beautiful borzoi and sired International Champions all over the world.  In the U.S.A. are several famous Troyka offspring, as well.  An American bitch was flown to Best twice to be bred to Troyka.  Mr. and Mrs. Matheeuwsen’s memories of their beautiful Troyka are many, as he had always been a good and friendly companion.

At the age of ten, Troyka bred the bitch Salva’s Beare for the last time.  It resulted in the “X” litter; the most well known of this litter are Xosip van Troybhiko and Xantoff van Troybhiko.  Xotti van Troybhiko was exported to Canada, but died at an early age.  Troyka’s last breeding resulted in the “B” litter, of which two bitches especially resembled their father: Bawa and Bratislava van Troybhiko.

Troyka’s son Liasko van Troybhiko was as famous as he was.  He won 22 CACIB, was Youth Winner 1970, International, Dutch, Luxemborg Ch., Belgian Ch. and German Winner 1970.


Mrs. Matheeuwsen loves the very old type Borzoi with enormous coat.  Puppies are sold all over the world.  One went to Russia, others to Australia, Canada, America, Finland, Italy, South Africa, France, Belgium and Switzerland.  Many became International Champions.  At the moment, Xosip van Troybhiko can be seen at many shows, and he has already won countless titles.

Mrs. Matheeuwsen does not breed for herself, but helps all kinds of young people with advice, especially how to pick newborn puppies.  She is not shy to speak up and, because of this, is admired by most borzoi breeders.  She and her husband are pleased to have so many visitors from in and outside the country, and everybody is welcome at all times.

We hope we can admire the Troybhiko’s for a long time to come, and wish Mr. and Mrs. Matheeuwsen all the best for years to come.


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