The Boreland History (Sweden)


Barbro Blomqvist started her Borelands kennel in Norrkoping with a Borzoi named Natascha (Trolle av Vaktarbo-Heimerbergs Natascha), born 1948.

Ch Natasha
Ch Natascha

Natascha jumping
Natascha, doing a jump

Natascha eventually became SE Champion, and besides her physical appearance she was a Borzoi with many qualities. She followed her owner without a leash when she rode her bike, and was left outside the store while her mistress did her shopping. She also with ease jumped over the height of her owner standing up.

Natascha was bred to Ch Gilgamesch (Sergei-Bonnens Zazza). They were closely related, with the same background as almost all Swedish Borzois during that 1950’s time period.

Ch Gilgamesch

In this litter, only one was used for further breeding, Borelands Tjaika Tsarevna. In 1957, Maud Alestam bred her to the German import Czarewitsh v. d. Solitude, who carried a collection of the best bloodlines available in Germany. ( Czarewitsch will also appear in different breedings later on)

Czarewitsch v d Solitude
Ch Czarewitsch v d Solitude

The breeding with Czarewitsch-Tjaika gave two Ch-s, Posso and Natacha. Despite the fact that Posso once was awarded BIS at a Sighthound Speciality in Stockholm, it has been impossible to find a photo of him, and to my knowledge, he was never used for breeding. Neither he or Natacha can be found in any pedigrees today.

Barbro Blomqvist herself never went on with any from her first breeding. After moving to Kungsbacka, situated close to Gothenburg on the west coast of Sweden, she instead did a fresh start, importing a Class winner at Cruft’s from England,. Sadia of Whitelilies (Horst of Woodcourt-Zarena of Whitelilies) She was bred by Mrs B.M. Ellis, but was purchased from the Curnows’ Woodcourt kennel, who had taken her as a stud fee pup, and showed her at Cruft’s before selling her.

Ch Achilles of Woodcourt, 6 months old.

Ch Sadia of Whitelilies
Ch Sadia of Whitelilies

The Woodcourt kennel exported a lot of Borzois to Sweden during the mid-1950’s.. Among them was Ch Achilles of Woodcourt, first bought by famous Swedish judge/breeder Marianne Furst-Danielsson, who showed Achilles to a reserve BIS at a show in Gothenburg, but later sold him to Helga Wiklund living in Stockholm. Helga, herself, had bought three Borzois from Woodcourt, Astor, Bandana and Diadem of Woodcourt. Bandana became Se Ch and Diadem, who was in whelp when she arrived, gave birth to three puppies on Swedish ground. However, the only two that left any mark for the future in Sweden, was Sadia and Achilles.

Sadia in her background had German lines, through her grandmother, Kismet vom Bergland.

Sadia had her first litter at Borelands, bred to Ch Odessas Boris, who was a son of Achilles of Woodcourt (litternbrother to Sadia’s grandfather, Apex of Woodcourt), bred to Ch Zinja (old Swedish background).

Ch Odessas Boris
Ch Odessas Boris

This breeding produced among others, the very influential Borelands Carissima. She was exported to Fritiof Aamodts kennel Frimodts in Norway. Carissima was first breed to Ch Ekhaga Nikolai, living in Norway at the time. Sadly none in this litter left any trace for the future.

Next breeding Fritiof Aamodt went to Sweden for a stud dog, Int Ch Tichij Don Igor, after the earlier mentioned Czarewitsch v. d. Solitude and the Swedish Ekhaga Kismeth Dascenca.

Int Ch Frimodts Frappant
Int Ch Frimodts Frappant

He was bred by A-G Langborg-Wahlberg and owned by Marie-Louise Wallner, (later kennel Igorof). This breeding produced among others, the extremely important Int Ch Frimodts Frappant. He came to Sweden as a stud fee pup, and became a cornerstone for the successful Igorof kennel..

Carissima also had a litter sister who remained at Borelands; her name was Borelands Reila. She was, according to the breeder Mrs Blomqvist, the most beautiful Borzoi she bred. Reila was only shown a couple of times, “winning everything but BIS” before she broke a leg. That ended her show career, but she instead produced well in the whelping box.

Borelands Reila
Borelands Reila

She was bred to SE Ch Ekhaga Rimski (a son of Odessas Boris) two times, in the first litter was SE Ch Borelands Aristo, who gained his title with three CACs at his first three shows.

Ch Borelands Aristo
Ch Borelands Aristo

In her second litter with Rimski she gave among others  Borelands Tanja She later went to Ekhaga and became important for that kennel, producing  Ekhaga Irina, foundation at kennel Murugi, along with other offspring.

Also, Ch Sadia of Whitelilies had two litters at Borelands, the second sired by Ekhaga Rimski which produced one SE Ch, Borelands Ziga Mitjana and, more important, the successful stud dog, Borelands Petrov. Petrov was used for three litters at kennel Ekhaga, all with Rimski’s litter sister, Ch Ekhaga Gaselle, but that’s a story to be told in another article.

Borelands Tanja
Borelands Tanja

Borelands petrov
Borelands Petrov


Barbro Blomqvist, Borelands, did not only breed Borzois, but also high class horses, cows, pigs and sheep, all studbook registered.

The kennelname “Borelands” was after Mrs Blomqvists death taken over by her daughter Ulrika Lönnholm, who sadly enough concentrated on breeding Norsk Buhund instead of Borzoi. However, in her later years, Ulrika purchased a Borzoi (from Annica Nilsson’s “Borzowski”) but even though there were plans, no more Borzois with the prefix “Borelands” were bred.

Borelands Puppy

Ch Borelands Aristo & Borelands Reila






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