Borzoi History Denmark 1900-2000


Engraving by Carl Gustav Clemens Denmark 1903

There are no records of the very early Borzoi breeding in Denmark, but as the ruling classes in Denmark and Russia had close connections, one would not be surprised if Borzois were introduced quite early by the Royalties in to the finer Houses of Copenhagen. In a chapter of the book, “InterEuropean Borzoi Almanach” published by Jo Heller, Jacob Nielsen writes that there were eight Borzois entered at a show in Copenhagen 1888. There are no more records to be found about this.

Mylaschka (Möckel) mother of Mylaschka

Ch Tartar, father of Mylaschka

The first trace of Borzois in the Danish Studbook is a male, Czar Iwan ,born 1891. Next are two German imports, made just before the turn of the century,a male Kidai  and a bitch Mylaschka (Tartar-Mylaschka Möckel), that are bought by lieutenant Eugen Colding Denmark  These two were bred, but only one registered offspring, Russ, born 1899.

Buran & Trojanka Nadeschny

Trojanka (Nadeschny)

Lieutenant Colding, Copenhagen, buys two more Borzois from Germany, Buran and Trojanka Nadeschny. They are later transfered to a Mrs Nancy Madsen, at the time Denmarks leading dog breeder. As the Danish Studbook not is complete, its difficult to trace further activity.

Int Ch Wladislaw Monasterium with owner Svend V Hansen

Helmarhöjs Pavlova of Eros

What is better known is that Denmark in the 1930s played a large role for the Swedish Borzoi. The Art dealer Svend V. Hansen imported Int Ch Wladislaw Monasterium from Germany and Lava of Addlestone from UK. He did a mating between these two under the kennel name “av Wladislaw Monasterium” in 1935. Intense linebreeding  on these two are done, both in kennel Lillemark, that 1938 bred Ch  Lillemarks Wladimir and in Alfred Brunsö’s Helmarhöj’s.

Hrabraya of Addlestone

US Ch Midtfyns Boja

 There was also a bitch from kennel Pyenot, England, Mitzi of Pyenot, in whelp to Eros of Pyenot, imported by Mr Alfred Brunsö, kennel Helmarhöjs. A puppy from this litter, Helmarhöjs Pavlova of Eros, is still to be found in the “swedish line”. Mr Brunsö also imported the bitch Hrabraya of Addlestone , and had one litter from her. Between 1935 and 1940 there are 8 litters born at Helmarhöj’s. The use of Wladislaw and the English imports is illustrated in the two Danish Borzois that was exported to Harald Sund in USA,  Ch Midtfyns Boja & Ch Gandil

Helmarhöj’s Ivan

US Ch Gandil

Then Germany invades Denmark. Some of the Helmarhöj’s are exported to Mrs Dagmar Watz-Olsson in Sweden and Alfred Brunsö’s line survives here. Mitzi of Pyenot was also breed to Wladislaw to produce Helmarhöj’s Ivan, later exported to Sweden. So was Helmarhöj’s Jan. He sires three litters, two of them for Emilie Sjökvists kennel Heimerbergs.

Helmarhöj’s Jan

Edith Prahl, kennel Finis, took over some of Svend Hansens breedings and she has five litters between 1938-1942, based on Wladislaw Monasteriums lines.

Ch Finis Kickan

One bitch, Ch Finis Kickan were exported to Emily Sjökvists Heimerberg kennel in south Sweden. She is  breed to Helmarhöj’s Jan, but this belongs to the Swedish history.

After World War II, the Borzoi played a rather concealed role in Denmark. Kennelnames like  Guåkers,  Raagemosegaards, Sjølunds and Fyrwalds appear, but none did any continues breeding. The Lillemark kennel continues for a long period, breeding sparely, but ended in 1952, breeding a litter out of Frimodt’s Maslova mated to Ch Raagemosegaards Jannik, without leaving trace in the future. In the late 1950s some Ekhaga dogs were imported and two of them had litters. Ekhaga Cyrano mated a bitch with Lillemark parents at kennel Sjölund in 1959,  but also these lines died out.. The sixties saw some English Matalona and Reyas stock arrive, but no organized breed­ing was started until the last years of the 1960s. Quarantine made it difficult importing anything but English dogs to Sweden, Norway and Finland, but Denmark hasn’t this problem. Though Denmark is very close to Germany, Holland and Belgium, it’s not these lines that dominate in Denmark today. 


Vangsborg Varinka

Vangsborg Varinka

Lisa Vangsgards kennel Vangsborg started in 1969  with Reyas-Olagus lines and bred four litters. From the first litter Glinka stayed in the kennel. Vangsborg Sabina was mated elsewhere with Igorof Ieker, imp. from Sweden. A son from that breeding, Tacari Gorkij, was used at Vangsborg, 1972 and 1977,  with Vangsborg Glinka. 



Reyas Rodin

Ch Tacari Rysk Marusja

This kennel based its breeding on Vangsborg lines, meaning Reyas RodinOlagus Barotjina, and adding another swedish export, Igorof Ieker. They bred at least one Ch, Tacari Rysk Marusja, linebred on Reya’s Rodin. These lines were concentrated in Vangsborg Varinka that carried on at kennel Smirnoff.





Ch Stiva, with owner Eva Lundum

Ch Bjerglunds Sagar

Eva Lundum started her kennel Smirnoff in 1980, with Vangsborg Varinka, She had also bought a male, Ch. Bjerglunds Sagar. He was  out of English/Swedish lines. Kennel Smirnoff later added Russian blood through the bitches Ludmila (USSR) and Fedra Ulan Ude (Poland). Ludmila never gets bred, but her sister Lara is also in Denmark, and she has a litter with Sagar. A studfee puppy from this litter comes to kennel Smirnoff,  Ch Stiva (Bynander) He and his litter brother Ch Mirni are Top winning Show Borzois in Denmark 1983.


Stiva is mated  to Varinka for kennel Smirnoff A-litter, in which Ch Smirnoff Aktrika is born. Stiva sires five litters for Smirnoff, and one in Germany.

Ch Volley Stepowy Gonieca


In 1983 Volley Stepowy Gonieca came to Smirnoff from Poland, he sired one litter in 1991. From Poland comes also Ch Rabiga Socius

Ch Smirnoff Ludmila

Same year also a young male from the U.S.  Ridgeside High Country was imported. He only sired one litter with one pup, Smirnoff Giaur. He in his turn sired three litters for Smirnoff, so his line did continue. In 1989 he sired Smirnoff L-litter, containing the big winning Ch Smirnoff Ludmila.

Int Ch Ridgeside Oliver

Ch Smirnoff Krasan






In 1989 Int Ch Ridgeside Oliver was imported.

Ch Smirnoff Olinka

Smirnoff Parmina

He sired four litters and was a successful show dog. Between the years 1980-2001 kennel Smirnoff produced several great winners.

Ch Smirnoff Olga

Int Ch Smirnoff Rusqua

Ch Smirnoff Xeno

Ch Smirnoff Krasan, Borzoi of the Year 1994,  Ch Smirnoff OlinkaCh Smirnoff Maschinka, as well as Smirnoff Parmina & Int Ch Smirnoff Rusqua are all beautiful examples of this. Kennel Smirnoffs last litter in 2001 contained three Borzois and two passed on their genes in different countries. Smirnoff Xavier in Denmark, siring a litter for kennel Zaranov, Ch Smirnoff Xeno, as an important stud dog for kennel Kupidonas in Litauen, siring five litters, the third Ch Smirnoff Xenia was a much loved companion at kennel Flying Zoi’s, but unfortunally not bred from.  


Ch Mirni

Ch Aksai

Ch Barnekow Arkow

Barnekow Baron

Top Borzoi in Denmark 1983 was Ch Mirni, owned by Mona & Henry Hansen, kennel Barnekow. His litterbrother Ch Stiva, owned by Smirnoff was second. They were out of Ch. Bjerglunds Sagar and the Moscow import Lara. The Barnekow kennels also owned a Russian import, Ch Aksai who had a French father and an English/Russian mother … a truly international Borzoi. They did breed two litters. In the first, 1985, Smirnoff Andyarif mated Smirnoff Bianca, producing among else Ch Barnekow Arkow, who, in his turn, sired a litter for kennel Smirnoff. For the second litter Ch Aksai was used to their swedish import Yermoloffs Natalja Dolgorokova, producing Barnekows Baron. After that the kennel stopped breeding and their lines were vanished.


Int Ch Zarinas Anastasia


Ch Sirhan Shazanna Eleganza

Borodin aus dem Zarenreich


Zarinas Babusjka

Ch Zarinas Diavolo

Int Ch Zarinas Don Juan

Hjördis Wied-Hansen, with the famous brothers Int Ch Zarinas Don Juan & Diavolo

Ch Zarinas Helios, with owner Jo Heller

Hjördis Wied-Hansen started her kennel Zarina in 1982, mating her russian import Iriada to Borenoff Taimyr, owned by Jo Heller. This produced Denmarks first Int Ch, Zarinas Anastasia, and also Zarinas Anuschka, that went as studfee to Jo Hellers Vorenoff kennel. Kennel Zarinas built up a truly international kennel with imports from around the world. From Sweden came Majorow’s Gagarin & Aleksei. From Canada, Ch Sirhan Shazanna Eleganza and from Germany Borodin aus dem Zarenreich. Both Eleganza and Borodin were used for breeding, with Borodin siring three litters and Eleganza having one. Many of the Zarinas came to be used by different breeders all over Europa and one, Can Ch Zarinas Daphne Sirhan went in return to Audrey Benbows Sirhan to have two litters for Sirhan in 1991 and -92. Its not easy to pick but to mention some of the most influential Zarinas, the two brothers in the D-litter, Int Ch Zarinas Don Juan , siring a litter for swedish Majorow and Ch Zarinas Diavolo, siring four litters in four countries, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Hungary. In Zarinas G-litter, Zarinas Glinka went to France, kennel Grand Fresnoy, she had one litter for them. Ch Zarinas Helios went to kennel Vorenoff, siring one litter for them and one for kennel St Andrew’s. In the final J-litter Ch Zarinas Josefine went to Margrete Klugs aus dem Zarenreich kennel, where she had one litter. her litter brother Ch Zarinas Jaroff went to danish Lhaghana kennel to continue the history.


Ch Lhaghana Aleksej of Alfon

Ch Lhaghana Dharkar Of-Zarina

Christian Jensen started his kennel Lhaghana in 1996, breeding two dogs from swedish kennel Rytzar’s, Ch Rytzar’s Alfon to Rytzar’s Cilla. This produced two Ch-s. Lhaghana Aleksej of Alfon & Anuschka of Alfon. In the next litter, another bitch from Rytzar’s, Birka was mated to dutch Favorit van Troybiko, Lhaghana Barthilla of Favorit was exported to kennel Krestovskij’s, Sweden. For the kennels D-litter Ch Zarinas Jaroff mated Rytzar’s Birka to produce two US Ch-s Lhaghana Darnilo of-Zarina & Dario of-Zarina, both very influential for kennel Shefaro. There were also two Dk Ch-s Lhaghana Daimai of-Zarina & Lhaghana Dharkar Of-Zarina, both used for future breedings at Lhaghana. In the E-litter Lhaghana Elisabeth Of Zarina went to kennel Al Wintar in Norway. In the H-litter, born 2003, Lhaghana Hassanhill went to Sweden, kennel Metelitsa. She had two litters in Sweden. Ch Lhaghana Jariox of-Zarina was the last Ch för this kennel, which seems to have stopped breeding 2017.


Sholwood Serendipity Of Yanjoy

Int Ch Zaranov Bella Pavlova

Ch Zaranov Davidka Kutusov

Int Ch Zaranov Ekatarina Bellanova

Peer Lervad, kennel Zaranov had its first litter in 1987, breeding their swedish import Tovarisjtj’s Smarovna to Smirnoff Fedjukin. For the B-Litter, english import Sholwood Serendipity Of Yanjoy was mated to Smirnoff Krasan. This produced Int Ch Zaranov Bella Pavlova & Zaranov Beljoska Tarkovskij that sired a litter for Dutch kennel Pagranitsjniki, Bella Pavlova had two litters for Zaranov, in the second, mated to Smirnoff Xavier, Ch Zaranov Davidka Kutusov was born. he sired two litters, one for Zaranov, one for German kennel v. d. Windhundranch. In 2006, the E-litter was born, three Ch-s, including Int Ch Zaranov Ekatarina Bellanova, this was the final litter, in which none went on for the future.


Making a compilation and historical summary, means that you have to make considerations. To facilitate these considerations regarding which kennels should be reported, and which not, I chosed to set the following criteria. 1. Breeding must have started between 1900-2000. 2.  At least one Borzoi has went on in breeding before year 2000. If any breeder that meets the criteria is still not included or if you find other mistakes in the text, I would be grateful for information about this, so that it can be corrected. As for titles, I have limited to only Ch, Nord Ch and Int Ch.



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