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Emma C Biesel  – Vladimir- & O’Valley Farm Kennels

1922 Obtained            Yona of Orloff born 2 April 1920 by Johnston’s Balderoff x Orczny of Orloff

Her mother was a self black daughter of Yarki Perchino (Imp Russia) x Queen of the Olives (Imp UK) and her father was by Ch Clontarf’s Nadmen of OVF lines.  Yona was self red brindle like Nadmen and founded Miss Biesel’s preference for self coloured dogs of mainly red, cream or grey.

Vlad O’ Valley Farm born 10 Sept 1921 by Am & Can Ch Ostrand O’Valley Farm x Am Ch Cresta Bielaja (Imp Germany)

Ostrand was a grandson of Ch Zyclon Perchino (Imp Russia) and Cresta was half Perchino by her father Ch Asmodey Nikolskoi.  Vlad O’Valley Farm  grey/w soon gained his championship title.

1925 Obtained            Nega O’Valley Farm born 8 April 1925 by Ch Nasskok O’Valley Farm x Ch

Bessberk’s Cresta (Imp Holland). Nega was self sable and became a champion

Zanda O’ Valley Farm a self grey litter sister to Nega OVF

1925  Litter born 25 April by Ch Vlad O’ Valley Farm x Yona of Orlof  produced Armavir, Vlad, Zander, Yarka, Zona, Zoy and Russ all “of Vladimir”.

  • Obtained Boi O’Valley Farm born 22 Nov 1926 by Ch Appraxin O’Valley Farm x Zohra du Zwaenhoek (Imp Belgium).  self cream Boi became a champion and has many descendants.

Litter born 24 July repeated Ch Vlad O’ Valley

Farm x Yona of Orloff which produced Graybar, Czar,

Balderoff, Luboff, Sergei, Yona and Dawn all “of Vladimir”.

  • Litter born 15 March by Ch Boi O’Valley Farm x Russ of Vladimir produced Alexis, Ivan, Belza, Baclanova and Zula all “of Vladimir”.
  • Litter born 26 May by Ch Boi O’Valley Farm x Ch Nega O’Valley Farm produced one male named

Vagabond Trotsky of Vladimir.  Nega was sold to Louis Murr of Romanoff kennels where she produced three more litters.  Her Romanoff line is behind present day dogs.

Litter born 13 July by Ch Boi O’Valley Farm x

Dawn of Vladimir was a successful litter that produced Ch Nadkin Ouslad of Vladimir, Ch Miss Piostri of

Vladimir, Vladimir’s Majove Girl, plus Baron Korff and Loubka of Vladimir.

  • Obtained Ch Nastia O’Valley Farm born 9 Dec 1924 by Ch Postrel O’Valley Farm x Dutch Ch Alliaska Nikolskoi (Imp Germany) as an adult who had already produced 3 OVF litters. She was self red.

Obtained         Pelleas Perchino born 6 May 1930 by Ch Almadin O’Valley Farm x Aziade O’Valley Farm

bred by Lois Kellogg.  The self red Pelleas had 3 times Ch Postrel Woronzova (Imp Russia), 3 times Ch Zyclon Perchino (Imp Russia) and 2 times Ch Nenegladni Perchino (Imp Russia) in his 5 generation pedigree.

Litter born 8 March repeated Ch Boi O’Valley Farm x Dawn of Vladimir produced only one known bitch but she became Champion Vladimir’s KB

  • Litter born 10 May by Milva O’Valley Farm x Zanda O’Valley Farm produced Zanda II O’Valley Farm
  • Emma Biesel obtained the right to use the

Valley Farm kennel name and registered it with the

AKC on 19 January 1933 after the death of Mobray

Palmer who was the last owner of the original Valley Farm kennels.  He had passed on his collection of books, old catalogues and kennel records to Emma a few months earlier.   Miss Biesel intended to continue her own Vladimir kennels as well as registering some litters of OVF lines with O’ Valley Farm names.

1933 Obtained           Naykaz O’ Valley Farm born 6

July by Ch Boi O’Valley Farm x Ch Nayada Kavkaz

O’Valley Farm plus the litter sister Nanci Woronzova O’Valley Farm bred by M Roach (Woronzova knls)

Litter born 30 April by Ch Boi O’Valley Farm x

Ch Nastia O’Valley Farm produced Ch Grosny, Ch Nasboi, Ch Nastia Alliaska, Nenegladni and Golub all with O’Valley Farm on their names.  Ch Grosny OVF owned by Mrs C P Chantler has a large dynasty of descendants to modern dogs.

Litter born 14 May by Graybar of Vladimir x

Vladimir’s Mojave Girl produced Yestreb, Dorogai, Zohra, Lady Ounas, Valemir, Rodina, Ariska, Dari Girl, Marza, Grosa, Sophisticated Lady and Zaplia all with “of Vladimir” on their names. Yestreb a self grey was a notable winner including Reserve Winners at the Borzoi Club Specialty 1936 with judge Louis Murr giving a glowing critique.  Ch Zohra won well for Mrs C P Chantler, Valemir had most of her championship when she produced a litter for W A Osborne of Alexine kennels. Valemir’s line is behind modern dogs.  Dari Girl was shown by her breeder for several winners points.  All of the litter of 12 were entered in shows at various times.

Litter born 9 July by Pelleas Perchino x Ch Vladimir KB produced Perdita of Vladimir

  • The favourite Vladimir’s Majove Girl needed 1 point for her championship and died at a show. Miss Biesel claimed she was poisoned. 3 of her daughters were bred from subsequently at Vladimir kennels.
  • Litter (date not known) by Ch Nadkin Ouslad of

Vladimir x Nanci Woronzova O’Valley Farm produced Brusga O’Valley Farm.  Later Nanci Woronzova was sold to L A Prescott

Litter (date not known) by Yestreb of Vladimir x Ch Vladimir KB no progeny names known.  Info mentioned in an article 1935

  • Litter born 5 May by Ch Nadkin Ouslad of Vladimir x Dari Girl of Vladimir produced two males Vladimir Nikolskoi and Sadkof of Vladimir both shown. Nikolskoi had several winners dog awards.

Trouble within the Borzoi Club of America caused a split in the members and a new National Borzoi Club was formed with Miss Biesel as the secretary.  The new club was open to everyone and claimed all members and their dogs were to be treated equally.  It offered multiple trophies and awards for Borzoi exhibitors at the main championship shows around the country as it did not have a specialty show.

  • Litter born 24 March by Ch Nasboi O’Valley Farm (Biesel) x Brusga O’Valley Farm (Biesel) produced Shaun Mikhail O’Valley Farm

Litter born 11 April by Yestreb of Vladimir x Perdita of Vladimir produced Talyan O’Valley Farm

Obtained         Shandow O’Valley Farm born 24 Dec 1936 by Ch Nasboi O’Valley Farm (Biesel) x Valemir of Vladimir bred by W A Osborne (Alexine knls).  Litter brother to Ch Appraxin of Alexine.

Shandow sired one litter but has many descendants to modern dogs through his daughter Neva Iskra.

  • Litter (date?) by Ch Nadkin Ouslad of Vladimir x Ariska of Vladimir no progeny names known.
  • In December of this year the National Borzoi Club disbanded after just under 4 years of operation. Miss Biesel had rarely shown during her time as secretary.  She attended 2 shows in 1938, none in 1939 but now began a revival.

Litter born 1 December 1939 by Ch Nadkin Ouslad of Vladimir x Marza of Vladimir produced one known male Eristoff of Vladimir

Obtained         Shalounia of Iskra born 14 May 1933 by Ch Ivanoff of Glenwild x Ch Miss Piostri of Vladimir as an adult from her breeder C P Chantler.  Name changed to Shalounia O’Valley Farm

  • Litter born 15 January by Ch Nasboi O’Valley Farm (Biesel) x Shalounia O’Valley Farm (Chantler) produced one known male Shaloun O’Valley Farm

Obtained         Renelda Palmer born 17 Sept 1939 by Zyclon of Wieckert Farm x Tamar of Wieckert Farm

Nadja Vladimir born 15 Dec 1939 by Zyclon of Wieckert Farm x Charmia of Wieckert Farm                          Duke Vladimir born 18 Jan 1940 by Zyclon of Wieckert Farm x Petrovna of Wieckert Farm All bred by W H Wieckert.

Litter born 20 July by Ch Nasboi O’Valley Farm (Biesel) x Talyan O’Valley Farm produced one known bitch Toni O’Valley Farm

Miss Biesel entered 2 shows in 1940 with Shandow OVF and 5 shows in 1941 with Vladimir Nikolskoi taking several more winners dog awards, plus Eristoff of Vladimir and Shaloun O’Valley Farm attending as extras. She was marked absent for the 5th show and did not show or breed again. Perhaps WW2 or other life events intervened. In later years she obtained 3 companion dogs.

1942 Miss Timoshenko of Glenwild born 4 Aug 1942 by Radziwell Valdai (Canada) x Czarina II of Glenwild              breeder W H Cluxton

1948 Cresta of Vladimir and her brother Vladimir Bistri born 22 Oct 1948 by Czarewitz x Ver-Sam’s Patrusha              breeder A R Adams

Researched and compiled by Margaret Davis

Prepared for publishing by Arvid Andersen


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