German Emperor


The 5 dogs of His Majesty the Emperor appear in the first picture. On the left a hunter with the “Hera” and “Iwan”, in the middle Mr. Carl Brandt with the “Luna” and on the right the tireless club manager Hilpert-Berlin with “Scheitan” and “Djeman” Luna 9 years old, a gift from the Russian Emperor, is the favorite bitch of His Majesty the Emperor and mother of the other 4 animals, which have the male “Castor” owned by Duke Günther von Schleswig-Holstein as their father Hera , which is unfortunately too much hidden in the picture by Ivan, like her siblings, is 3 years old.White with yellow patches, it presents itself as a typical appearance, while Ivan, white with yellow-grey patches, and Scheitan and Djemann, white with deep black patches , through the power of the breast and overall height with good hair present an impressive sight. One often hears that one wishes this or that person a richly occupied table, but these 5 grandees I would like to wish the opposite; in any case, as borzoi they would gain substantially”.
Published in “Zwinger und Feld” 1896



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