The Perchino silver horn


The Perchino Silver horn

In 1912, the Pershino hunt turned 25 years. For this event, a silver hunting horn made in the Faberge workshop, was presented to Grand Duke Nicholas Nikolaevich by frequent guests at his estate, Perchino, with whom he hunted with numerous engraved signatures of friends and the inscription PERSHINO 1887-1912.

The signatories include: Prince Peter Alexandrovich Oldenburgski, Prince Vladimir Emmanuilovich Golitsyn, Prince Dmitri Borisovich Golitsyn, Prince Leonti Shakhovski, Count Dmitri Georgievich Mengden, Dmitri Pavlovich Valtsov, Prince Boris Sergeevich Sheremetiev, Arthur Alexandrovich von Grünwald, Georgi Konstantinovich von Meyer, Prince Dmitri Mikhailovich Golitsyn, Dmitri Dmitrievich Osipovski, Princess Sofia Nikolaevna Mengden, Alexei Ivanovich Mosolov, Prince Boris Alexandrovich Vassiltchikov, Maria Alekseevna Boldareva, Artemi Konstantinovich Boldarev, Prince Menshikov, Prince Boris Leonidovich Viazemsky, Prince Vladimir Alekseevich Shakhovski, Prince Dmitri Leonidovich Vyazemsky, Prince Dmitri Mikhailovich Golitsyn, Prince Mikhail Mikhailovich Kantakuzin-Count Speransky, Dmitry Meshcheriakov, I. Sokolov, Yakov Golovin.
Maybe the same donated hunting horn to Grand Duke Nikolai Nikolayevich on this photo (hunting in Pershino autumn 1913)? (photo from the magazine “Capital and Manor” 01/10/1914)


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