Kelcorov Borzoi was founded in 1999 with our first litter, however, it really started long before then.  Since I first saw one in the World Book Encyclopedia (what we used for reference before the earth’s crust cooled and Wikipedia was invented) I knew this was the breed for me.  I was six years old.  It was going to be quite a while until I actually had one of my own. 
I had my first Borzoi in the 1970’s but did not get involved in showing or breeding at that time.  It took until I bought my first home in the 1990’s before I was finally able bring another on board.  Just wanting a pet, I provided a home to a rescue named, what else, “Sascha”.  It wasn’t long before we bought a puppy to show and course and then two more after that.  After being introduced to activities like Lure Coursing, Oval and straight racing and hunting jack rabbits in the open fields, I wanted a dog that could do it all and there have been a few that have graced the rooms and many dog beds here.
It has now been a 25 year journey since I have joined the dog fancy and dedication to the Borzoi.  Kelcorov is an established kennel with a long history of producing quality show and pet Borzoi.  Breeding rights are only provided to established kennels and show dogs are only sold to established exhibitors.   Rarely are there any true ‘pets’ born here, nearly every dog produced here could achieve multiple titles.  But the very best homes have always been those where titles aren’t necessary and where they can be Champion of Couch. ” /Bunny Kelley



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