Link to the Ryazan story

Our involvement with this lovely breed began in 1965 and the kennel was founded in 1971.

We have achieved our ambition to develop a small select kennel where all the hounds
achieve a consistently high standard, rather than just to produce the occasional top winner.

Fifteen UK Champions have been bred and/or made up here, twelve of them homebred.
The two currently in residence are Anton (Heather’s son)
and his daughter Juliet, whose dam was Natasha. Juliet is seventh generation homebred,
in an unbroken line of a dual CC winning dog followed by six Champion bitches.

We breed on average only one litter every two years and select one or two puppies at 8 weeks,
which are almost invariably retained. Hounds over 18 months old are never rehomed.
All our stock is homebred or ex bitches of our breeding.

It is now unlikely that any further litters will be bred here due to the constraints of age.