28.07.1922 – 14.12.2013

Famous borzyatnika, expert canine of the International and All-Union categories, Honorary Member of the Moscow City Administration and the Rosohotrybolov Union Association, as well as the Russian Federation and the RKF, she died on 92 years of her life.

In 1945, G.V. Zotova graduated from the Moscow Veterinary Institute, then worked as a veterinary doctor in the Moscow criminal investigation and in the apparatus of the Central Council of the Military Hunting Society.

Galina Viktorovna entered the glorious cohort of outstanding people who devoted themselves to the development and improvement of Russian dog greyhound, our domestic hunting treasure, national pride, the crown of canine art, the main character of the centuries-old layer of culture – psovoye hunting, which was praised by the cortex, our compatriots who passionately loved Russia , traditions and customs of its peoples. In many European and zaocean countries, G.V. Zotova was recognized as a number one specialist in this breed of hunting dogs. Galina Viktorovna prepared and educated three generations of high-category expert canine experts. Exhibition rings and infinite fields were their educational classes. Every hunter in our country closely related to hunting dog farming knows her name well.

The will of fate, the archive of G.V. Zotova was transferred to Sergei Molev by the guardians of Sulkin after her death. All these years, I haven’t found time to do it. The archive is three huge bags of papers and photos. Weight is more than a hundred kilos. There is a complete bulk of documents in the bags, no system. It’s very upset that many photos are not even subscribed.

So far I’ve sorted out only one bag. I selected documents and photos for publication, digitized them. Everything that I have already been processed will be posting in folders on my page in ′′ gallery “. I will try to post all the documents in this group. I will post the information with albums to find it easier later. Many photos have no caption at all. I really hope that the greyhounds will help identify the years, people, events.

Here is the address of the archive in ′′ Gallery ′′