Ermolov Hunt


The Jermolov family had bred borzoi for a very long time and the borzoi from this kennel is considered one of the pillars of the modern borzoi. V.V Jermolov was active as breeder and Nicolas Petrovitch Jermolov wrote one of the first Russian Breeedstandards in year 1888. The name has also been written as Yermoloff and Ermolov.

Translation of the text in the second photo: “N.P. Jermolov with a male from his own svora [team of three borzoi, translator’s note] “Serdechnyi “, cream spotted on white male Borzoi in curls out of Kara and by Gordets, height of 16.5 vershoks (28.9” or 73.3 cm). To the esteemed hunter and dog breeder Sergei Vladimirovich Ozerov from N.P. Jermolov, June 15 1885, town of Britovo” /Kristin Terra..

Nikolai Petrovich, was the last of the Yermolov family, became the most famous dog breeder, cynologist and hunting writer in all of Russia. From 1860 to 1890 N.P. Yermolov wrote extensively and profitably for all hunting publications.
According to incomplete data, he published over a hundred short stories, essays and notes in the same period. Among his literary works, the following hunting memoirs should be mentioned: “Hunting in Childhood,” “From the Recollections of a Hunter,” “Two Cranks,” “The Old Hunters,” “The Old and Present Hunts on Pyan,” as well as the short stories devoted to the inhabitants of the steppes and forests: “Bold Squirrel,” “Raging Rushes,” “Forest Hares.”/Caroline Thibodeou