Peter & Karen Lever



Submitted by:

Harry Russell

on June 20, 2018 11:18 pm

Sorting Year:



Dogs Owned:

Arbee Zapata
Meldham Shadow of a Silouete
Meldham Secret Rendezvous
Meldham Russian Revival
Meldham Romance Dance
Meldham Promise Itsa Secret
Meldham Lost In The Moment
Meldham Gotcha Teddy
Meldham Fanciful Flyte
Meldham Faith N Fortune
Meldham Fable
Meldham Blue Sequel
Meldham Dancing In The Dark
Meldham Andreya
Gazehund Midnight Blue
Russkimir River Raven
Kirov Where There’s Smoke
Meldham Last Legacy
Hundale Moon Magic at Meldham
Borscana Honey Bee Good
Borscana Beowulf
Meldham Dosvedanya
Meldham Devye
Meldham Bianca
Astragorn Credence
Astragorn Faramere
Arragorne Amethyst

Dogs Bred: