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Roger D. Williams (1856-1925) was a famous breeder of different breeds of dogs in the late 19th century, early 20th century (Rookwood Kennel, Lexington Kentucky), the author of several books about dogs and hunting. Paul Hacke imported more than 10 borzois from Russia 1890 and 1891. In the spring of 1892, he arranged in Colorado, near the town of Hardin, an match wolf-coursing with borzois and deerhounds. Roger D. Williams was at this coursing as an judge, who describes these events in detail in his memoirs, published as a separate chapter in the book “Hunting In Many Lands. https://archive.org/…/huntinginmanyla…/page/350/mode/2up In an article from the magazine “Forest and Stream” from April 7, 1892 and in an article by Roger D. Williams, at least 4 P. Hacke’s borzois are mentioned (some names – Zloeem, Asmodey, Pospekh), and it is also mentioned that there was a photographer.

I think on the photo Mr Hacke borzois from 1892. (Andrus Kozlov)

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