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The Borzoi In Western Europe

Submitted by SueVasick on Sat, 03/30/2019 - 20:26
The Borzoi In Western Europe Part II By Ursula-Vera Trueb, Malleray [Switzerland] Translated from "Der Windhundfreund"#131, February 1983 by Jean Vandongen In 1909, another line was added to all the fine imports into Germany that in the beginning was hardly noticed, yet it was destined to give the [...]

Chernenkoff's Tavarish


from Borzoi Past group, Sue E.A. Vasick: <Canadian Ch. Chernenkoff’s Tavarish was a large, well boned white and cream male bred in Canada by Linda Arscott and owned by Linda, along with Lloyd and Barbara Allewell of Laba’s kennel. He was sired by Kishniga’s Dalgarth out of Laba’s Alexandria, born May 20, 1976. In Canada, he sired a litter for Elmden and Koslovka, and in the USA, for Laura Hyatt’s Meyta kennel and Janine Gabel’s Gabel kennel. He produced a number of champions in Canada and America, and matured into a very nice dog. >>