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Guide to add Borzoi related art to the encyclopedia

The Borzoi Encyclopedia is about the history of the breed from the earliest time and continuing. An important part of the breed, known for its beauty, elegance, strength and hunting abillities are the numerors artistic precentation.

The borzoi appears in sculptures, paintings, films, photographs, fabrics and books and other . Artwork can be of known individuals or completely anonymus but all are part of the borzoi history and have a place here.

Before adding and item to the database, check if it has been published earlier. Do also check if there are any restrictions on the item you will describe!

The procedure looks like this in short:

  1. Go through your sources, collect material, text an pictures you need. If neaded, work with your pictures, adapt to size and quality. When ready click on Add borzoi art in the Tools menu and then, click Add art. A list will appear with all articles. You can search to see if anything on your subject has been Published earlier. If there’s nothing there you procede by clicking Add new and the form Add art will appear!
  2. You start by giving the article a name
  3. Write or copy the text in to the textbox, add pictures (unlimited number but max 2 Mb) When adding pictures, you can place the picture Left, Center or Right. Use Left or Right and avoid Center. It is recomended that you click Caption as it give a small empty space around the picture
  4. Make links to external sites. The little chain in the menu bar.
  5. You can add one or more dogs you refer to in the text. If not already in the register, the name is saved to the unpublished list.
  6. You can add one or more persons you refer to in the text, and it’s the same procedure as with dogs.
  7. Add year of event. It’s important not to forget this!
  8. Select country
  9. Select donor (if not you)
  10. Add Source. Source is a list and once added it can be used over and over again.


The chairman of the Borzoi Encyclopedia association and the editor(s) are legally responsible for the information published. .