Board Meeting – June 21st 19:00 CET




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June 21, 2022

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June 25, 2022

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June 25, 2022


Arvid Andersen









Open meeting

2.Questions from last meeting

We have installed on the Hetzner server for €8.21/month.
Bjorn Hansen is installing the studbook with the help of Margaret Davis and Ron from the Breedmate company in Australia. Necessary code to move data to and from borzoipedia and other functions will be implemented when borzoipedia is finally moved. The program name will be and will disappear! Björn has agreed to continue work on the borzoipedia program.
Borzoipedia program progress. It was meant for Igor to report here but as you may have seen on FB, he has chosen to leave us. He does so in the middle of the program restoration which makes it quite difficult for a new programmer to take on the job. Hope you all will help looking for people willing to help!
Editor permissions approved to the following: Danielle Laurent-Faure, Sue Vasick, Olga Zilberman, Margaret Davis, Dan Persson, Andrus Kozlov, Arvid Andersen? Do we need more, add the name(s) to the list? Mail to Igor!
Approve Danielle Laurent-Faure to handle the Book section. Ask if she is willing to include magazines in the book section with links to articles. The Borzoi Quarterly, Borzoi                                            International, European borzoi, others?
Approve Olga Zilberman to handle the Art section. Ask if she will do a presentation of the artists when known.
Appoint Interview editor(s)? Suggestion: Lorraine Harvey, if she is willing, approve at the meeting.
Delegates, contact and acceptance, Marina
Present and approve the list of Delegates!

3. Secretary for the meeting

4, The economy report, Dan

5. Suggest that Agenda and minutes are stored in borzoipedia.

6. Suggest that Board members can see all.

7. Suggest that Members can see a summary.

8. Presenting delegates, Maja, Marina

9. Program progress, Arvid

10. Demonstration of program functions, Arvid

11. Internal blog forum, we need to be able to communicate, discussion

12. Studbook does not function as good as we hoped. Temporary or perhaps permanent go back to the old one, info

13. Suggestions from board members for program functions to make adding Dogs, Art, Books and Articles easier. Would be very good if at least boardmembers began to use the program.

14. Get “Businesses” to place adverts on our webstore, small or large, It is now possible to have more advertisers. Suggestions!

15. The meeting in Holland? Do we intend to be there?

16. If yes, prepare events, speakers, and products for sale! Discuss with Holland about shows, judges. Who on the board is organizing?

17. New business

18. Suggest a date for the Next meeting



· Meeting called to order at 19:11 . by President, Arvid Andersen
· March meeting minutes were amended and approved

· Treasurer‘s Report:
– As of 21/06/2022 the account balance is 11466 SEK (approx. 1077€).
– The treasurer notes that a new funding campaign should be imminent.
– The TBE PayPal account is functioning correctly and donations via PayPal are received correctly.

· Program development report provided by President, Arvid Andersen:
– The new version is online and functioning. The new features will be discussed once all board members have access to the website (some members are having issues with the log in).
– The board meeting minutes and agendas will be stored on the website but accessible only to board members. It was suggested to have a summary of the proceedings available for all registered members of the website. Details will be discussed at the next board meeting.
– The new studbook is working but is not as good as the old one. It is currently being updated by Margaret Davies.
– The website has a new forum available to board members, which is ideal for board discussions and internal communication.
– All points of the agenda concerning the new program have been postponed to the following meeting, when all board members will have more familiarity with it.

· TBE Delegates project report provided by Secretary, Marina Cornaglia:
– At present we have 15 delegates, the names, their kennel (if present) and appointed countries/regions are as follow:

  • Carleton, Judy | Elista knl. (Canada)
  • Cornaglia, Marina | Tantezampe knl. (Italy)
  • Cosic, Maja | Allrussian knl. (Croatia)
  • Harvey, Lorraine | Albaneiler knl. (United Kingdom)
  • Juszczyk, Agata | z Jurajskich Biskupic knl. (Poland)
  • Kazmierczak, Jonas | Stazcek’s knl. (Scandinavia)
  • Kirsch, Evelyn | Ischyma knl. (Germany)
  • Klenovsek, Vida | Belazyma knl. (Slovenia)
  • Kovacevic, Dejan | Oliver’s knl. (Eastern Europe)
  • Laurent-Faure, Danielle | du Cot Reigner knl. (France)
  • McGehee, Ray | Valeska knl. (United States of America)
  • Meletieu, George | Meletoff knl. (South Mediterranean)
  • Paz, Jimena | del Octubre Rojo knl. (Central and South America)
  • Schmidt, Gabriele | Sokolow knl. (Switzerland)
  • Urtane, Helena | Cars Ivans knl. (Baltic Countries)

– Mrs. Vlada Tymoshuk (Derzhi Veter knl, Ukraine) has expressed interest in the position but requires time to accept (understandable, seeing per personal situation).
– The project will expand in time and we hope to reach out to other candidates in the future who will take up a delegate position.
– The first delegates meeting has been approved. Provisional date set for July 26th.

·  Advertising on the website:
– The board should open the website to advertisements, either specifically pertaining the breed or not. A discussion on what to advertise can be opened on the new forum. MOTION to accept advertisements on the website; seconded and passed.

· Other business:
– The organizers of the IBC conference to be held in Holland in 2023 have approved the TBE’s presence at the conference. We are waiting for more details. At the next meeting we will discuss how exactly do we want the TBE’s presence to be: a stand with merchandise, auctions, meetings/conferences, etc.
– We need to select material from our archives to present to the editor of Sighthound Review Magazine, who has accepted our offer to publish some material on their printed “Sighthound Review International Annual”.The deadline is set on November 1st 2022.

·Next Meeting:
– provisional dates for the next meeting are: July 25th (board meeting) and 26th (delegates meeting)

· Meeting adjourned at 19:48.
· Minutes submitted by Recording Secretary, Marina Cornaglia.