September 2021




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Marina or Maja arrange!

 Meeting held on:

September 8, 2021

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May 03, 2022

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May 04, 2022


Arvid Andersen









Boardmeeting 2021-09-08. 19.00 hour Swedish time
1. Arvid opens and welcome
2. Marina take notes!
3. Dan, report on economic status
4. Igor, report on Donation site and the borzoipedia program!
5. Donation campaign, how? when? who?
6. Marina, report on webinar progress! Do we have a date?
7. Arvid, report on Pedigree Point! The Pedigree point program is installed on the test server and is gradually finding its way. We will eventually be forced to buy the complementary program Pedigree Point. Björn Hansen, the programmer we have hired seems to be knowledgeable and will be able to connect the programs with TBE. We have to see how much we can afford to use him. He is not a dog person so we have to pay him.
8. Letter head for official TBE email and letters?
9. Update of e-mail addresses, to whom? At present I think we have President, Treasures, Editor? and Info. I suggest, President, Vice-president, Secretary, Treasures, Editor, Web manager and Info or Member that goes to all board members. Send your preferred email addresses (all board members) to me and I will send to the webhost. This should perhaps be the web managers or the secretary’s job, but both Igor and Marina has much to do so I do it this time!
10. Suggestion for business card for board members (and others?) to hand out at shows and meetings. Even a pamphlet with information about TBE, where to find us and how to join.
11. Other questions!
12. Next meeting?
13. To prepare for the next meeting.
• Other questions for the next meeting!
• Your ideas!
• Invitations to webinar
• Launch of the new borzoipedia?
14. End


Board Members:
Present: Arvid Andersen, Dan Persson, Maja Cosic, Marina Cornaglia, Sue Vasik, Kristina Terra (present at 20:03)
Absent: Lorraine Harvey, Lennart Janssen
Quorum present? yes

Others Present:
Associate Member: Igor Liubarsky

· Meeting called to order at 19:14 by President, Arvid Andersen
· April meeting minutes were amended and approved

· President’s Report:
– The new tally shows approximately 237 members registered on TBE website. The 2000ca. members on the Facebook group show potential for website growth, especially after the new version is launched.
– Registration fee for the website has been mentioned, but after a brief discussion members agreed to move the topic to a later date, when the website will have more content to offer.
– A second campaign for donations and support was discussed. MOTION to start a second campaign for donations and support; supported and passed.
· Secretary’s Report:
– Board member Deborah Soete regretfully steps down from the board position due to personal reasons. The board thanks Deborah Soete for her efforts and hopes to welcome her back once her familial and work schedule will allow her to do so.
– Member Maja Cosic suggests Vida Klenovsek as a new board member: her technical skills may prove useful for the development of the new website. MOTION to accept Vida Klenovsek as new member of the board; seconded and passed. The board hopes to welcome V.K. as a new member at the next meeting.

· Treasurer’s Report:
– Current funds: approximately 13900 SEK (1365€ ca).
– Not much activity on the account. Last input dates back to 30/03.

· Website development report provided by Associate Member, Igor Liubarsky:
– At the moment there are no new expenses, apart from 50€ to be spent by next year for codes.
– The server expenses are at the moment covered by President Arvid Andersen, which amount to ca. 1000 SEK/year (ca. 100€).
– The new website version is uploaded and operational. The main objective at the moment is for the website to be up and running; the finer details will be settled later on.
– Associate member Igor Liubarsky urges members to navigate the website in the following weeks and to find and report any bugs and problems found to President Arvid Andersen.
– The web shop is a new feature added to the website. Members agree that it is better to handle the shop directly on the website instead of using an external print on demand store, such as redbubble, as previously suggested by the secretary.
– The logotype will be added in the top left corner of the main page of the website.

· Webinar project report provided by Secretary, Marina Cornaglia:
– The project consists in a series of webinars on the history of the borzoi breed, though at the moment only one (1) lecturer confirmed her presence: Patti Widick Neale (Sylvan Borzoi kennel).
– The webinars will have a registration fee of 5€, with 20% of the proceeds to cover the lecturer’s fare.
– The members discussed the possibility of handing out the file of the presentation to the participants and the need to have the logo on the presentation itself.
– Member Sue Vasick suggested to look for new possible lecturers within the British Borzoi breeders’ community; suggestion supported by many members.

· IBC cooperation report provided by member Kristina Terra:
– At the moment IBC is not amenable to a cooperation nor a donation. IBC’s website is quite simple, it would not be financially advisable for them to “merge” with TBE website’s content. Moreover, IBC’s funding comes primarily from the conferences, so it doesn’t have a steady income. The IBC board has decided to wait until their next board meeting to discuss major financial decisions, both regarding possible funding or a future collaboration between IBC and TBE.
– It was unanimously decided to postpone the question of a collaboration with IBC to 2023, when IBC’s conference will take place in Holland.
– This temporary obstacle (all members hope for a collaboration with IBC in future) has raised the question of whether to undertake the search of a secondary partner in The Breed Archive, though some issues with the validity of the data present on the TBA were raised (NOTE: TBA is a database accessible to all and every user has the ability to modify data). The Secretary will try to make contact with TBA for eventual collaboration.

· Other business:
– Member Maja Cosic presented the board with the contract for the use of the logo between TBE and artist Vida Klenovsek; MOTION to approve the contract; seconded and passed.
– The next meeting will take place one (1) week before the webinar (date to be determined)

· Meeting adjourned at 20:24
· Minutes submitted by Recording Secretary, Marina Cornaglia.