Agenda 2021-04-20

Boardmeeting 2021-04-20 at 19.00 Swedish time



  1. Who are present at the meeting?


  1. Secretary for the meeting?


  1. Treasurer’s report, Dan!


  1. Secretary’s report, Marina!


  1. Borzoipedia restoration report, Igor!


  1. Donation campaign on FB, do again?


  1. Donation from IBC? Any news, Kristina?


  1. First General meeting in Croatia, report!


  1. Webstore!

Succeed with planning?

Suggest someone to be in charge!

Operator, suggest company!



                        Other decoration – artist?

  1. Members in the Borzoi Encylopedia group on FB is increasing and is now well over 2000.
  2. New questions!