Boardmeeting 2021-02-22

Agenda for Board meeting 2021-02-xx

Present at the meeting:

Secretary of the meeting. (Take notes).


1. Members?

· New member to the board, Igor Liubarsky. Is working on the restoration of borzoipedia. Report to the board on progress and need of support!

· Deborah Soete was appointed associated member but has not taken part in any activities and have not, due to family matters, been able to work on the borzoipedia program. Ask if she will take a rest from the board and come back later – or resign?

2. The Secretary post is vacant. Marina Cornaglia has been suggested! If she accepts must she and other members learn the borzoipedia program!

3. Treasurer’s report,

4. First General meeting (TBE Council)

a. Date for the general meeting – 2021-09-10.

b. Location: City of Varaždin, Croatia.

c. Suggest Maja Cosic as the TBE delegate to the Sighthound Club of Croatia, to make all arrangements for the meeting and communication with the arranging Club.

d. Organisation of the meeting – Who pays for what and who charges for what?

– There will be a fee for the participants – paid to the Sighthound Club? YES/NO

– Sighthound Club can organise and pay the location, food, panellists, catalogue.

– TBE should pick a delegate and possibly pay for him/her to visit and supervise the meeting

– The rest of the panellists we hope to finance from the fee, or can TBE pay for them?

– Who will be named as an organiser? Suggestion: The borzoi Encyclopedia and Sighthounds Club of Croatia

e. Possible risks caused by the Covid 19 make it possible that the meeting can not be held.

f. Appoint a group to help Maja Cosic with the planning of the event. Members in the group can be board members but also volunteers from the borzoi community.

g. Report to the board in this FB group of progress in the planning of the TBE council

5. Question from the board not on the agenda

6. Date of next meeting

7. End of today’s meeting